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Favorite coconut oil & milk brands?

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  • Favorite coconut oil & milk brands?

    Hey guys,

    From the recent previous thread, I saw that a lot of you recommended some combination of coconut something...

    I was curious to know what are your favorite brands of this stuff. I'm looking to experiment here with it a bit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mine has been Tropical Traditions. Very clean tasting oil, none of the toasted flavor a different brand I tried had (indicates that it was over heated to me). They don't sell milk but their shredded coconut was on sale, which I've been using to make coconut milk as needed. I think the flavor is much improved over the canned coconut milk, cheaper in the long run, and creates coconut flour (after drying/processing) as a byproduct. Just wish it wasn't so messy


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      I usually buy WF's 365 brand for both the milk and oil..however, Thai Kitchen is my favorite coconut milk.

      selfmyth - how are you making coconut milk from the shredded coconut?
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        sheglowspale - I've been following this vid/guide:

        I usually do 2 cups at a time to make it worth the effort but the flavor, no preservatives or possibility of garbage like BPA leeching from the can make it worth while.
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          The canned coconut milk I get from the supermarket has a very grainy texture that I didn't really enjoy cold. I like it in curry. I'm going to try freezing it with more ingredients to see if it works better that way.
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            wholefoods is cheeeeeeap and yum too!!!!
            thai kitchen coconut milk is great for making cream though!
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              Wilderness Family Naturals is the tastiest.....the dry powder version.

              But generally I buy whatever I can locally at the best price per oz with no additives.
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                i like the thai kitchen also. it's the only one i can find in the regular grocery store with the least amount of additives (guar gum is the only one i think). i have made my own also by soaking shredded unsweetened coconut and adding vanilla and cinnamon. i like that a lot. it's is MUCH thinner than the canned varieties which, i've noticed, thicken up considerably after being refridgerated. i have also tried the refridgerated type by so delicious. we are really trying to replace dairy milk with something else and this offered the most volume with the least amount of work. it's got some additives in it, but i think is fortified with some vitamins etc.
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                  I like the Thai Kitchen coconut milk best... I've tried two others (Chaokoh and another brand I can't remember now) but the Thai Kitchen wins in flavor and texture for me.

                  The only oil I've ever used is Nutiva, because it's the cheapest one at my grocery store.
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                    Speaking of Coconut Oil,
                    Can someone give me an uncomplicated answer to the expellor pressed coconut oil from Tropical traditions? I have an issue with the taste of coconut oil, and sometimes it makes me really nauseated, so I think I read that the expellor does not have a taste to it.... true? and is it inferior to the other type of oil?



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                      I buy Spectrum Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. It's almost all I can find that's not heavily refined. I can eat it right out of the jar. It's good stuff.


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                        I just found you can order an 8 pound tub of Nutiva Extra Virgin coconut oil at this website:

                        That sounds too good to be true. I spend 10 bucks on a 14oz jar of Spectrum, so this Nutiva would be a great deal.


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                          For people in the UK...I've used the following:

                          Biona Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (
                          Tiana Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (
                          Higher Nature Organic Coconut Butter (they mean oil) (
                          Coconoil (

                          Coconoil is my favourite so far, although the Biona brand is cheap and tastes mighty fine too. Higher Nature is the most expensive I think but does taste wonderful.

                          Mmm, coconut oil out of the jar...sometimes my dinner is just a rare, plain ribeye steak with 50g of coconut oil that's been in the fridge for a bit as my 'dessert'.


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                            I'm guessing 8 lbs is a gallon if its anything close to water. has the same but has free shipping and possibly still 20 percent off with code FbFSN I think. Tthe code is in another thread I recently posted as well. Nutiva is great stuff.


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                              what does coconut oil taste like when cooked with? I've been wondering which oil to cook with for some time now but have only been able to use extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (availability and taste). I can't afford almond oil, and coconut oil seems somewhat expensive too with the cheapest being 11.99 for a 15oz container at the aforementioned site (nutiva). Since I've heard olive shouldn't be used for high temp cooking (although I've never noticed it to smoke or taste strange after high temps in foods and meats) and butter is simply out of the question because it starts smoking like mad when I try to fry a thin steak.I can only do simple scrambled eggs in butter without the butter turning brown. I've tried ghee, and I don't dislike it but it is very expensive (we have to buy HALAL brands only) and I can't find any brand we could actually afford. As far as lard or tallow goes, it would have to be HALAL and we haven't been able to find a healthy grass-fed source of HALAL meats yet anywhere let alone a resource to purchase HALAL beef lard or tallow. I know from experience that the flavor of oil I use to cook with really effects me and more so my husband (also trying to go primal with me). I usually cook mostly spicy foods or curries and basically south eastern asian cooking (Indian/Pakistani). I rarely cook anything without garlic, red chili pepper and other "masalas". If any type of sweet taste comes from the oil I use my husband simply won't touch it...and I will always try (I HATE to waste food) but even I have to eventually give in....I can't stand sweet and spicy flavored things...unless I'm simply in the mood for them (rarely)

                              How would coconut oil make my food taste? What oil should I use that is good for high temps and good for our health without compromising tastes?
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