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Bacon, Egg, and Cheeseburger!!!

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  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheeseburger!!!

    For all you burger fans out there, this is a must try! It's simple. I got it at an ihop a while back and decided today I was going to make one bunless. Needless to say it was my lunch and dinner.

    Just take a hamburger patty of your choice. Grill it. Fry up an egg the way you prefer it(I love mine over easy). Make your bacon. Once it is all complete, take your egg and place it on top of the patty and the bacon on top of the egg. Throw the cheese on top and melt it. Add the hamburger toppings of your choice and there you go! A great meal with a ton of protein!
    Insert whitty diet remark here!

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    Yum! I want one. My husband is from England and got me in the habit of putting eggs on burgers (and steak!) when we met but I like the primal version better!


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      Burger joints where I live serve those, and they are the most awesome burgers on the planet.


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        ive been doing this for years... even at regular restaurants i always ask for an egg w/bacon for my burgers. It is AWESOME!... through in some onions and sauteed onions and you got your self some magic.


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          I made one of these a few weeks ago. It was around 4 in the afternoon when I ate it and I seriously wasn't hungry until about noon the next day, maybe later. Good stuff!


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            I LOVE those as well (although I don't do cheese) I like some good carmelized onions and peppers on there as well! Very filling!
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