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Portable Primal: Dried, Shelf-stable, Backpackable, etc

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  • Portable Primal: Dried, Shelf-stable, Backpackable, etc

    I just went through the Asian mega-grocery looking for things to ship to drops for a friend who is hiking the Appalachian Trail this year. She's hiking up to 20 miles per day, so she's not rejecting carbs, or anything else she can get her hands on. But, I found some interesting stuff that might work for primal.

    Found dried, powdered coconut cream, believe it or not. It is over 60% fat by weight. Not strictly primal in that it has some unknown starch and emulsifier added, but interesting for avoiding the excess weight of canned.

    They had canned dried whole cows' milk, as well.

    Also found dried bok choy, bitter melon, and tiny shrimp.

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    Although not primal at the time, I did a 500 miles stretch on the AT and ate a lot of foil packed tuna and salmon, nuts and nut butters, beef jerky, and salami and cheese during the cooler month.
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      pemmican. look it up! its great.