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  • Real Primal Ice Cream!

    I bought an ice cream maker!

    And I've gone back to including raw dairy in my life. For now. I'm so excited!!! I'm trying to be careful about the lactose intake, so I'm making 24hr yoghurt out of it. And now my plan is to make ice cream out of the yoghurt!

    Plus, I've just rediscovered creamed coconut! My plan is raw yoghurt, creamed coconut, and vanilla powder for the first batch. I do not want to add sweeteners, except for coconut and fruit. I'm going to try adding wild blueberries in the hopes that I can digest those. Other ideas include coffee grinds, mashed banana (a little) any combination of the above.

    Has anyone else experimented with primal ice cream made in an ice cream maker?

    Can't wait till about 10pm tomorrow when it will be ready!

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    I did some ice cream a couple weeks ago with coconut milk. Looking to make some more, hopefully this week. Might go with a berry flavor this time.


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      i made some coconut milk ice cream, too! so easy! just a few ingredients, no cooking at all.

      such a wonderful creamy treat for the summertime. mashed bananas are a good idea for replacing sugar or honey, but i love the flavor of honey too much to give it up!
      congrats on the new equipment. enjoy!


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        Forget that. That stuff is poison in my fridge. I made a real shitty tasting creamed coconut iced cream and I still binged on it.
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        ><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>


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          We make coco milk icecream about once a week or so here. No chances of binging too much as it is dh, myself and 2 kids. The kids always want chocolate or mint chocolate, dh's favorite is strawberry- I like it all but have been craving cherry chocolate nut as of late. I use the 85% Lindt chopped up for the mint chocolate and cherry chocolate. If you can do butter it is divine to saute some pecans in butter and let them cool for butter pecan- when we still did dairy that was our favorite. I sweeten w/ honey or maple syrup- you can make a sweet icecream w/ bananas but dh doesn't like bananas and my body sees the sugar the same whether it is from bananas or honey of course ymmv.
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