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Frying in coconut oil

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  • Frying in coconut oil

    Can you fry something in coconut oil and then keep the oil to fry in again later? It is pretty expensive for a one time use since so much is required for frying. Also, do I need to use refined coconut oil for frying?
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    THat's a good question that I would like the answer to as well. I bought a cheap tub of coconut oil for cooking, which is obviously very refined. I was thinking to keep it for emergencies when I was out of my good stuff. However, the good stuff is very pricey.


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      I think refined would be preferred for its higher smoke point. And I think you could probably re-use it 3-4 times before it starts to go rancid. At least that seems to be the practice with frying w/ vegetable oil. I can't speak from personal experience, so take my advice with a grain of salt, heh.