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  • Breadcrumb Substitute

    I have fallen in love with my slow cooker lately and found a great recipe, except it calls for 1/2 C of breadcrumbs. Any solid ideas on substitutes for a 1/2 c of crumbs? I was thinking about using almond meal, but not sure how much to use and if this will dry things out more. Thoughts? Thanks.

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    Almond meal, good parmesan cheese, pork rinds, the stuff that comes off my bald friends head if he doesn't shower.... all of these are delicious substitutes!


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      shredded coconut


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        I was thinking about coconut. Do you think I should use the same amount 1/2c?


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          I usually got with either Almond flour or shredded coconut


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            I don't like using shredded coconut mainly because it tastes like coconut.

            I drink coconut milk and cook with coconut oil and snack on creamed coconut.

            Do I really want my fried chicken tenders or meatloaf tasting like coconut too? There is such a thing as too much coconut!

            I wonder how many more times I can fit the word coconut into this post about coconuts and why I don't flavor some foods with coconut flakes!





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              I vote for pork rinds. <3 porky goodness.
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                I'd say it depends on what the recipe is for. Coconut flour is an excellent substitute but as Rivvin pointed out, it does have a distinct taste and might not go well with certain things.
                I made a meatloaf last night using almond meal in place of bread crumbs, but I did also add 2 eggs (for about half a cup of almond meal) to act as a "binder" because I figured the almond meal would make it more crumbly.
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