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PB-friendly vegetarian breakfast ideas?

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  • PB-friendly vegetarian breakfast ideas?

    I know, I know, why would anyone not want to eat meat and eggs for breakfast? Let's not start a flame war about why vegetarians are terrible...I eat plenty of eggs and meat I would just like to eat a little less if possible.

    So, does anyone have any PB-friendly, vegetarian breakfast ideas?

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    Former vegetarian here.

    Although I'm definitely on board with the PB, I continue to eat probably more fruits and vegetables (and strive for raw every day) than the others in the cave.

    I like fresh berries splashed with heavy cream, drizzled with slivered almonds. The fat in the HC and almonds keeps me full for a surprisingly long time.

    There is also a great recipe floating around the site for primal pancakes. Yow!
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      Ex vegan....sort of. I'm not an breakfast egg fan...I eat them maybe once a week, and I've discovered I really don't like real bacon!

      These are what I usually eat:

      1 cup of plain full fat yogurt, with berries and nuts mixed in.

      Sliced apples with almond butter.

      Leftover dinner.

      Cherry tomatoes, nuts and a bit of cheese.

      And I would like to have that pancake recipe....
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        I have a lovely recipe for almond pancakes here: http://foodfloraandfelines.blogspot....-pancakes.html that are very filling and satisfying, I wouldn't have them too regularly though you don't want too much heated PUFAs.
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