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Easy & quick meal ideas for new primal eaters.

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  • Easy & quick meal ideas for new primal eaters.

    Hello everyone.

    For the last few months I have been slowly going primal. Editing out the fast foods, refined sugars slowly but surely. At this point I'm completely away from fast foods and only occasionally eat any kind of grain. Refined sugar I have eliminated it down to about once or twice a week (a shared peice of cake, a pudding, etc).

    My question is what are some easy, quick, newbie friendly meals?

    I look at the recipes and I feel kind of over whelmed. I feel like I might be comfortable if I can have some things that were a little more simple. Perhaps a substitute for tacos, an easier way to do sandwiches, etc.

    Even a "So you're going primal... here's what you should buy at the local grocerie store" list would be extremely helpful. Eggs and bacon are a given as well as ground beef, chicken breast, steak, veggies, etc. But.... what do I do with them?

    Any help is appreciated. I've been looking around the forum and haven't exactly found what I was looking for.

    Thank you!

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    Sub for tacos - lettuce wraps. Use large romaine or other leaves. Brown some hamburger, add some Jicama, some green onion, maybe some peppers -sweet or hot. Put it on lettuce, wrap and eat.

    Quic and easy meals? Two words for you - Stir.Fry. Almost an endless amount of combos. I do most of my seafood as some sort of stir fry, but you can cut up steak, chicken, whatever.

    Since going primal, I shop more often and try to buy what I know I will eat in the next couple days. I hate throwing out food, but especially expensive stuff from the farmer's market or whole foods.

    My usual list at Whole Foods:
    Spring greens for a couple salads
    Spinach for a couple salads, and also in omelettes, etc.
    Head of romaine lettuce for wraps
    One piece of fruit per day (I'm losing weight), so I get a couple apples, couple peaches, etc.
    Some nuts
    Seafood - maybe some scallops, mussels, some shish-ka-bobs? I like shrimp, but get the cheap stuff at Costco. They also have some wild caught Halibut and Salmon at Costco.
    Meat - I get a couple nice organic, grass fed steaks (pricey), maybe a couple bison hot dogs, anything else that catches my eye.
    I also get meat at the local farmer's market - usually game meat like elk, yak, or bison.
    Nut butter
    Berries are in season, and I get at local grower

    That's just a small bit of my list - what I have found is that I really do less planning with primal and shop more often. Having a wife to help with the shopping helps too. We actually enjoy the extra time spent at the store and markets. - website directory for blogs, shopping, information and other resources related to everything Paleo, Primal and alternative.


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      shopping list:
      eggs, bacon, chicken thighs, ground beef, meat of choice, your favorite veggies (fresh or frozen), berries, stock, oils: coconut, olive, butter, lard
      Dairy (if you can handle it well): mascarpone, cheese, cream cheese, full fat yogurt, heavy cream
      Nightshades (again, if you eat those): canned crushed tomatoes, canned tomato paste, peppers

      Quick and dirty meals
      Look up zucchetti (zucchini noodles.) Use this in all your pasta dishes.
      steak and salad
      pizza clafouti, curry clafouti,
      sihsh kebabs
      BAS of any type
      gazpacho, chicken veggie soup

      In place of tortillas/ bread: Whisk together two eggs. Heat two tbsp of fat in a skillet til frying hot. Pour in the egg. Cook until top is mostly custardy and bottom has brown markings (like a tortilla), flip the whole mass over. Wait until bottom is set. Use as tortilla or bread.
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        Your new best friend shall be coconut.

        Coconut flour, oil, milk, creamed, butter, dessicated, shredded, etc.
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          I try not to get too complicated with my cooking. I tend to eat a lot of grass-fed ground beef; usually prepared in a coconut curry.

          I try to keep the meat stocked in my freezer along with a bunch of organic onions and a lot of organic minced garlic in a jar (the onion and garlic usually start out with everything I cook). I also try to keep a bunch of seasoning in my cupboard: cumin, turmeric, curry, sea salt, kelp granules, etc. I've found a few drops of oregano oil adds great complexity to the flavor of my dishes (I love it).

          The staple seasoning for the curry is the Thai brand gluten-free green curry paste, and the Thai brand coconut milk (not the lite). I usually use half of the small jar of the curry paste to a pound of beef and a whole can of coconut milk. I use some of the other seasonings too. Once I add the coconut milk to the seasoned cooked beef I add a slew of vegetables (onions and garlic are already cooked with the meat with coconut oil or butter): sliced carrot, celery, squash, broccoli, okra, sweet potato, whatever looked good at the grocery. I let it all cook down and I have a couple extra meals I can store in the fridge.

          I tend to buy my vegetables as I need them. If I overstock those I tend to have to throw some out.

          I like making a quick omelet in the morning for breakfast. The path of least resistance is making the omelet with salsa and seasoning it with turmeric and kelp granules after it's on the plate. I like using coconut oil more than butter. Coconut oil keeps the egg from sticking to the pan better than butter.
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            Salmon with cabbage and leeks mmmmmm


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              Here are a few ideas.

              Tacos: Boston lettuce (we really like this lettuce for the shells)
              Taco seasoning (
              Toppings (avocado, tomatoes, onion, cheese/sour cream if you do dairy)

              Pot roast: Chuck roast seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, steak seasoning
              Onion (cut into thick slices, put half in bottom of crock pot and other half on top of roast)
              Butter (put a few slices on top)
              Cook on low in crock pot for 8-9 hours. I usually add carrots about half way through.

              Garlic Shrimp: Saute shrimp in olive oil, butter, lots of garlic. Serve with zucchini or spaghetti squash. Finish with squeeze of fresh lemon.

              Salmon in Cream sauce: If you eat dairy, try this simple recipe: . It calls for fresh herbs, but I have used dried too. I think I used pepper, salt, garlic powder, and dried thyme once and it was good.


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                My easy, autopilot menu looks like this:
                1. Roast something (pot roast, whole chicken, pork roast)
                2. Taco salad
                3. Meatballs and sauce (homemade alfredo, bbq, or tomato sauce; use a jarred sauce if you can find one with ok ingredients)
                4. Frittata/egg casserole type dish
                5. Chicken salad/steak salad

                Besides my roasts, the other things all take around 30 minutes and don't have many ingredients. We usually have one leftover night and go out or are at someone else's house one night.


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                  Some of my staple, quick recipes are:

                  - Mussels/clams with bacon, oinions, tomatoes & red pepper

                  - Chicken fajita bowls (stew and shred a roasted chicken in seasoning and serve over sautee'd peppers & onions w/tomatoe, lettuce, sr cream, etc). I pick up a roasted chicken at the store and let it stew while I cook something else. This one makes a lot of leftovers.

                  - steak & caprese (if you eat cheese - my husband doesn't, so I substitute slices of avocado on his. You can also use nectarines, peaches or plum slices instead of tomatoe and they make awesome caprese)

                  - Stuffed portabellas & chicken sausage. (stuff portabella caps w/spinach, chopped onion, tomatoe and feta - bake on high heat for ~10 minutes and sprinkle with grilled rosemary)

                  - salmon & asparagus - doesn't get simpler than this. Season a couple salmon fillets and brown in butter (skin side up) for 2 minutes, flip, cover and finish in 350 degree oven for 5-8 minutes. Steam asparagus while salmon is in oven. Sometimes I serve pesto over the salmon. If you want more greens - serve over a bed of sautee'd chard.

                  - pancetta & squash - sautee pancetta, deglaze pan with white wine, add cubed butternut squash (Trader Joe's has this already cleaned and cubed in a bag) and chicken broth and simmer for ~20 minutes. Serve with sautee'd greens. This is a super hearty dish, but also makes a good side. Could use bacon instead of pancetta.

                  - porcini encrusted seared tuna - Whole foods has dried, powdered porcini mushrooms. They make an awesome breading! I add seasoning and a little dried mustard and then I dredge the top and bottom of ahi fillets and sear 2 minutes on each side. Serve with the steamed veggie(s) of your choice. Brocolinni, asparagus and snow peas make an impressive mix.

                  - roasted chicken & warm beet salad - For the beet salad, I made a tangy vinagarette out of sherry vinegar, chives, shallot and oil and cut roasted beets into chunks (you can buy roasted, peeled beets at Trader Joe's). I toss the beets i nthe dressing, warm up in the microwave and then serve over a bed of almond butter (I prefer crunchy). Serve w/roasted chicken. This one absolutely gets raves from all who try it. If I have time I prefer to roast a mixture of red and golden beets, but the ones from TJ's are quick and easy.