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Primal Chili (Venison Edition)

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  • Primal Chili (Venison Edition)

    I made some Venison chili this afternoon, i took Mark's Chili recipe as by basis, then did a few things different.

    Basically, i took his recipe, but instead of the Cubed Beef Chuck, i used 2lbs of Venison stew meat and 1lb of 80/20 ground beef. Also I added in a Portobello Mushroom cut into chunks. I couldn't find any pasilla peppers so i substituted it with a half of a poblano instead. Also instead of 2 28oz cans of tomato I used 1 28oz can and 2 fresh tomatoes for a little more chunkyness.

    The deviations in cooking was that after the onion etc was done being caramelized I added in the 1lb of ground beef, then browned it, then added in the venison and only BARELY cooked it, just to get some color. . Venison can easily be overcooked and becomes tough, also i wanted to make sure i had the fat from the beef in before i put the venison in as venison is a very lean meat. After the venison went in i tossed the rest of the mix in (along with the mushroom) For the beer i used a Dark Ale made by Ipswich.

    Turned out great . . i love the "slow and low" cooking with Venison, after the 1.5-2 hours in the pot on low heat the Venison was very tender.

    The only thing i think i'll try different next time is i wont put as much beer in . . i wasn't able to get it to reduce quite as much as i wanted it to, and i didn't want to let it sit on the heat any longer as i was hungry!
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