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Ribeye Steak with a honey balsamic drizzle

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  • Ribeye Steak with a honey balsamic drizzle

    Six Months into the Primal Lifestyle and I've graduated from simply making bacon with every meal. With the summer months and market-fresh veggies here again I've decided to share one of my favorite meals that also happens to be primal!

    Essentially you poach some cherry tomatoes in some Olive Oil, Rosemary, and Garlic. Then you take the tomatoes out, use the oil to cover the steaks, sear them for about 30 seconds, and then throw them in the oven to finish. Take some honey - I use raw honey - and some vinegar and reduce it. Add butter, and some of the Olive Oil mixture and stir. Then when the steak comes out, drizzle all over that sucka.

    It is amazing and super fast and easy. I eat this every other week and it's great.

    As for those fundamentalists who think tomatoes are bad and you can never use anything but coconut oil to sear your steaks - save your breath because this is me not caring.

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      this post came out one day too late. Had me a glorious rib-eye last night. Just with good old garlic and parsley butter.
      Will put this drizzle on the list for the next steak though...............


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        One word of warning about this recipe. The instructions say bring to a bowl on the honey/vinegar to reduce. Make sure it is a super low bowl - barely bubbling. Otherwise the honey will burn and taste something awful. I had to go through three sauce attempts before I could trust it on my steak. Also, it is very sweet, a definitely unique spin on your ribeye.