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feeding 25 people, please!

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  • feeding 25 people, please!

    We're having about ~25 people over for lunch to celebrate the 4th/my birthday. I'm thinking that grilling will work, but it might rain. Anyway, I'm looking for ideas on how to feed so many...primal and without breaking the bank.

    Also, our family is dairy-free, but I could make something where that could be added to the plate...
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    Chicken can be pretty cheap. I'd do bbq chicken. That way there's no expectations of bread/buns as with hamburgers and hot dogs, and it's less expensive than steak. Maybe an option between chicken thighs and pork chops?

    Sides are easy. Grilled veggies rock. Piles of grilled carrots, onions, eggplant, mushrooms. Kabobs are always an option. You could even do cold kabobs made of cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, and other raw veggies, and marinate them.

    A fruit tray always seems to get a good response, or any variety of fresh fruit in a large bowl.

    Zucchini hummus to dip raw veggies in? Or maybe guacamole?

    Cabbage is pretty cheap, so you could make coleslaw as a side dish.

    Devilled eggs of course.

    Dessert could be just berries n cream like I plan to have (and it's pretty red, white and blue) or you can do coconut milk custards. Those are pretty cheap to make and taste totally YUM. Then put a few raspberries and blueberries on top to make them festive!


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      I like to do things buffet style with lots of choices for all of the different dietary restrictions. Last time I had a group for lunch (although not 25), I did Chipotle style bowls with carnitas, black beans (not primal), sauteed zucchini peppers and onions, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, cheese and salsa all separately and everyone, including vegans could assemble there own.

      Dessert was a simple strawberries, chocolates, and pistachios set out in bowls.


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        Thanks, Diana! Great ideas! MMMmmm, bbq chicken, coleslaw, grilled veggies, and fruit!

        For dessert, we're going to have coconut flour dark chocolate cake with coconut oil/chocolate ganache and colorful berries. It has more honey (and carbs in general) than I'm used to, BUT my birthday only comes once a year and I love me some chocolate cake! Plus, with 10 eggs, coconut flour, and lots of coconut oil it's super filling!

        I welcome more ideas... (especially considering we're having super weird weather in TX right now and it's been raining all week...)


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          Originally posted by Egoldstein View Post
          I like to do things buffet style
          Also a great idea, Egoldstein. We do our grilled chicken (thigh) fajitas this way and have tortillas for those who want them...everyone else piles them on salad...mmmmm Not sure a vegan could get full at our house, though...


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            What about cheap ground meat in the form of chilli or something similar, with lot's of primal carbs like sweat potatoes, turnips, or mashed squash?
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