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Medieval sauce thickening--with meat!

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  • Medieval sauce thickening--with meat!

    Well, I was just reading reviews for a cookbook called Sauces (by James Peterson), and a reviewer mentioned that in medieval times, people thickened their sauces with pureed meat. That pretty much solves the problem of wanting to add flour to pan sauces for a thick gravy.

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    Have you tried this?...I'm curious.

    would it work with any kind of meat?...

    if you try it give a heads up plz


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      that's basically what giblet gravy is. I do it with hearts and livers. Just puree them raw in the cuisinart and add them directly to gravies. For more refined sauces I just use really reduced beef or chicken stock instead.


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        That's hardcore.
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          I have this book, if you'd like I can find that passage for you.


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            He is one of my favorite cookbook authors and Sauces is a great book. His book on soups is incredible and many of them are primal. And his Vegetables book is also very good.


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              Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
              I have this book, if you'd like I can find that passage for you.
              if it isn't too much trouble, please do... ... if it is too much trouble... I'm sure I'll forget about it quickly enough


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                I think it works with blood also, and marrow. Both get kind of gelatinous when heated.


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                  Blood skeeves me out a bit, but the organs/ground meat/marrow idea is awesome!

                  DS and I both have celiac, so even before PB, gravy was hard to come by. Hooray!
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                    This post came in handy tonight. I made liver for the first time in a bazzilion years when my mother would fry it into shoe leather and make me sit at the table till I finished it or till bedtime.

                    Even with a great sounding recipe, it was gross. My eldest ate it. The husband nibbled on it. THe youngest almost hurled on the table.

                    I pureed the rest of it with some water and poured it into muffin cups and it's current freezing for my next stew, soup or gravy making needs!
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