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We had our first primal dinner party Saturday night... SUCCESS!

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  • We had our first primal dinner party Saturday night... SUCCESS!

    We had some family over for dinner and served them primal dishes from appetizer to dessert. They loved everything we made and were very interested to hear about the primal blueprint. And they were pretty darn openminded about the whole thing. I love being able to tell people that not only are we losing weight, but that we are eating the best food of our lives.

    our menu:

    bacon jalapeno poppers (next time I'm doing fresh goat cheese instead of cream cheese. these were a HIT!)

    slow roasted spice rubbed pork tenderloin with carrots and onions (my hubby's recipe)

    spaghetti squash gratin (I added a pinch of cayenne to this recipe)

    brussels sprouts sauteed in olive oil and butter

    walnut brownies from the PB cookbook served with fresh whipped cream and strawberries
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    mmmm that all sounds wonderful. I imagine people are more willing to listen about the PB when they are served a feast like that.

    "oh... THIS is a diet?"


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      That sounds delish! We've made the poppers before with goat cheese and they are amazing, I can't wait to try the walnut brownies.
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        The poppers look delish. Whole menu sounds impressive. I can certainly see why dinner was a hit!!


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          I'm salivating!


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            The cream cheese don't melt out?


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              Awesome menu!! I did the Chicken/Bacon/Avocado salad for my folks last weekend and dad just about flipped out about it--specially with the chicken being cooked IN the bacon grease!! They bought the Primal Blueprint the other day and have the cookbook on order! yippee!!
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                marktripp- No, the cream cheese definitely doesn't melt out. The jalapenos are like little boats that hold the cheese in.

                spinner- Yep, meat cooked in bacon grease is so good!