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    I love me some smoked pork butt and this is my new favorite rub:

    Love this stuff and no sugar or sweetners. Just onion, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika and chipotle.

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    I use this all the time. I put it on a flank stank that I did on the george foreman last night, and on some pork chops I grilled on the ol' charcoaler friday.

    The stuff is delicious!


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      Damn right Rivvin! This stuff is great on every thing and one of the few rubs I've found with no sweetners. I'm sure you could probably figure out how to make it your self but why bother?

      On a side topic, I'm surprised there's so little love here for smoking meat. Can't get much more primal IMHO. Low heat, tasty woods like hickory for smoke. I've smoked all kinds of pork, chicken and fish. I guess maybe because it's mostly a southern thing.
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        I love me some smoked ribs too. The trick is to just to find a good rub and not use sauce on them. My mother sometimes rubs the ribs down in yellow mustard instead of EVOO sometimes to get the rub to stick as well. I'm looking forward to doing a couple slabs this weekend for sure.


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          I am a bigtime smoker. I spent weeks with my brother custom building a smoker, even!

          I always rub my ribs down in mustard before putting the rub on, because I personally feel it makes a much better and thicker crust than any oils do.

          I don't use buttrub on my ribs though, I prefer something a bit more zestier... my current favorite rub is:

          A couple tablespoons of brown sugar (GASP OH NO)
          1/2 cup Paprika
          1/4 cup Kosher Salt
          4 tablespoons Garlic powder
          2 tablespoons Ground black pepper
          2 tablespoons Ground ginger
          2 tablespoons Onion powder
          2 tablespoons Ground rosemary


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            Yum, that rub sounds delish!


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              Garlic powder and smoked paprika. I use so much smoked paprika that I buy it by the pound. But I get the really good stuff, not the kind you sometimes can find in supermarkets. For sauce, lots of balsamic vinegar, some tomato paste, smoked paprika and a dash of chipotle.