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Egg Plant Parmesan

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  • Egg Plant Parmesan

    1 med-large egg plant ( sliced into 3/4" rounds) slice and lightly salt with sea salt, then set aside. The egg plant will start releasing it juice a little while you get the rest of the ingredients ready

    3 whole eggs
    2tbsp heavy whipping cream
    * optional tsp of pressed garlic
    ( beaten together till well combined)

    1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
    1 cup ground nuts ( macadamia, almond, walnut - ground fine)
    1-2 tbs favorite italain seasonings
    1/4 cup torn and chopped fresh basil
    ( combine dry ingredients with a wisk and put into a pie dish- which maked dipping the egg plant easier)

    1 jar of your favorite marinara

    Heat a skillit with your preffered cooking oil- olive, ghee, or even bacon grease
    to med

    Dip egg plant into eggs and cream , flipping ot coat well.
    Transfer to dry nut /parmesan mix- patting well to cover the flat surfaces as much as possible.
    Place in skillet for 1-2 min, then cover for 2-3 min more.
    Flip rounds, and cover an adtional 2-3 min, then uncover for at least 2 min before removing from pan.
    5-7 min total per side depending on how you like your egg plan cooked

    Serve topped with a 1-2 tbsp of marinara per slice.
    Optional- place an anchovie ( the rolled kind with capers in the middle in olive oil) on top.

    Very good cold the next day No bread crumbs.

    You can also brown a half pound of italian sausage adn mix into marinara to add extra protein.