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quick single serve pizza....

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  • quick single serve pizza....

    1-2 T of almond or coconut flour
    1 egg
    1 T oil (olive or coconut oil
    1 T parmesan

    mix and fry in skillet
    add stuff on top
    oven at 350 till melted

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    I will give that a try- maybe right now! Thanks. =)
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      that sounds so good, been missing pizza!! just been doin pizza style fraitatta(dnt know how to spell that).


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        We just finished trying cauliflower pizza tonight for the first time and it was delicious!

        This is the site/recipe we used:

        The toppings are obviously your choice, but we used onions, mushrooms, ham, jalepenos and some chilli pepper flakes. The crust was a little soft, but definitely far from sloppy. My sister has these fancy German steel pots that we used to cook it in instead of a regular oven and cookie sheet, so perhaps it would have come out more crispy if we baked then broiled it. Nonetheless it was pizza, but not all the crap that you get with conventional pizza.

        Even my mother who thinks this Primal thing is just another word for Atkins and scoffs at anything that isn't a. her idea, or b. in her comfy world liked it.


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          i was going for a crust that wasnt so dairy hefty as i like to pile on the cheese one top!
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            YEP... this is definately on the TO DO list!! Sounds so simple!!!