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  • Excellent Omelette Recipe

    I had an omelette when I went out to breakfast last week that was superb: canadian bacon, brie, and apple. I recreated it at home but opted for more savory choices, using regular bacon, brie, and pear. It's perfect! I no longer do desserts or dishes focused on sweetness, but I still love fruit and making this omelette is a great way to have fruit in a context that won't wake the dormant sweet tooth. I usually use 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, about an ounce of brie, and a quarter of a pear. I've made it 4 times in the past week!

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    Damn I love brie! Do you put it IN the omelet and let it melt and stuff?
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      Actually I put the pears and bacon right in, then towards the end place the brie slices on top spaced out so that they don't overlap (sliced thin so that it will melt more quickly). Then I fold it over so that the final product is a half moon shape. But I'm pretty sure there's no wrong way to do it!


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        Wow, sounds great. I love fruit in savory applications and salads.

        I once had a brie and mango (or maybe it was papaya) quesadilla that I miss, and this sounds like it might hit the spot.


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          Yes, this sounds like a plan. I have paglietta (Italian brie) aging that needs a use. It is commonly served with pancetta (Italian bacon) and pears or melon. Just add egg. Nice.


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            My favorite omelette at the moment is "Peaches and Cream".

            Seriously, with all the peaches coming in right now I had to figure something out! So here it is:

            1) Couple tbsp of heavy cream
            2) 1 - 2 peaches diced
            3) cinnamon to taste

            Put it all in a small sauce pan and reduce it down until it gets thick and creamy.

            Make an omelette, put this in the center and then fold it over.

            It is so stupidly simple and yet so stupidly delicious.


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              Made a fajita style omelette this morning with beef strips, fresh chopped cilantro, onions and peppers, plus with jicama slices on the side with a bit of sprinkled cinnamon. Very tasty.


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                I know this is an old thread, but I finally made the applewood smoked bacon, apple, and brie omelet, and it was soooo good.
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                  I'm going to have to try this too!
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                    Thought I'd chime in with my version of a quick and easy bacon omelette that I usually have for breakfast.

                    I start by taking a packet of bacon (140g) and slicing the strips up across and then throwing them into the pan with a chunk of butter, no need to seperate they do that more easily when they start to crunch up a bit.
                    While the bacons frying I take a couple of eggs (2-3) and whip together with a fork along with a dash of cream and some salt n pepper, I also start dicing a tomato.
                    When the bacon is starting to get decent I just pour the eggs over the bacon, tiping it around a bit so it gets even.
                    Then I slice cheese to cover about half of the omelett and put the diced tomato on the other half.
                    This way the bacon at the bottom will continue to crisp up while the eggs set and the cheese will melt.
                    When everythings done I just fold it in half, cheese side over tomato side, dash a little tabasco on it and off you go.

                    This might be a bit much for breakfast for some so vary the amounts or share it with someone. =)