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What to do with this cream............

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  • What to do with this cream............

    So my local farmer gives me like a 3 gallon bucket of heavy (50%) cream every now and then. It's from our local grass-fed cows and is really great stuff. The first time I made butter. This time i made lots of whipped cream and ice cream.

    Anyone have any other ideas, what I can do with it? Just putting it in my coffee, while delicious, isn't going to use all of it. thanks

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    Sour cream.
    French Onion Dip (with said sour cream!)
    Clafoutis (I'm wondering if you can make/freeze a few of these since you have so much cream...

    S'all I got!
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      Yogurt. Creme fraiche. I think it'll freeze, if you're careful. Cheese?
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        Sauces! Mmmmm oh the wonderful sauces! Bacon carbonara, alfredo, rose, cheese sauce, gravy, herbed cream sauce, roasted garlic sauce...
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          i've never had a Clafoutis, that looks pretty good