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  • Flour

    I have been using quite a bit of different flours in my cooking. From coconut to almonds I am enjoying the flavor that they add to recipes. What I don't like is the cost of preground flours. Currently I make most of my flours in a small processor, but have considered getting a mill or a larger coffee grinder.

    Do any of you use a grinder or mill to make your own flour at home? What seems to work best for you?

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    Coconut flour is very cheap. I got an organic 1 pound bag for like 4 dollars. It's better than almond flour IMO... no O6 or potential oxidation from heat.

    I've read that grinding coconut shreds doesn't work because coconut flour must be defatted first in order for it to become flour-like. Same for almonds. It'll just turn into butter.
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