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Moose Hamburger, what to do with it??

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  • Moose Hamburger, what to do with it??

    My grandfather gave me about a pound or so of moose hamburger. Suggestions?? I'm kind of lost.

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    My Alaskan big game hunting buddy used to mix ground moose with ground pork to get the fat % higher. I think bacon burgers sound like a good call. Moose is lean. In addition to his burgers, I have had it cubed over a pizza and in sausage. It never disappointed. Good meat.


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      Cook the patties, cook some eggs. put the eggs on top of the patties. Enjoy!
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        scrambled eggs and moose.

        moose meatzza.

        moose meatballs.

        moose chili.


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          We made kind of a moosey stir fry with it. Has really nice flavor, I liked the meat a lot. Now I have this little tiny moose steak, I'll figure something to do with it. What's this Meatzza I've seen mentioned a few times now. I'm guessing some sort of primal pizza?


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            Yep, Meatza is pizza with a ground beef "crust" instead of the typical "bready" type. It's great, especially with lots of sharp cheddar and bacon!
            Good Eatin'!
            I wish I'd known about this sooner!


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              Have you got a recipe? I googled, but got LOTS of options, would prefer to make the best one first :-)



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                I would definitely go with the chili! Hmmm


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                  As for a Meatza recipe, I press the ground meat into a baking dish until it's really thin, like an 1/8" if possible. It doesn't really matter, I just like it thin. Then I bake it around 350 until its done, about 20 minutes or so, you'll be able to tell when its done, it's not pink anymore. If the meat is too greasy I'll drain it a little. Then cover with diced tomatoes, I don't use commercial sauces, but they would work also. Then sprinkle grated cheddar cheese over all of it, put either precooked crumbled bacon or you can use strips, whatever is easier. Bake until cheese is melted. Enjoy! You can put whatever you want on top. This is a very flexible recipe. Play with it until it is perfect for You!
                  I wish I'd known about this sooner!


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                    Originally posted by visionteacher View Post
                    My grandfather gave me about a pound or so of moose hamburger. Suggestions?? I'm kind of lost.
                    place in iced cooler and mail to:

                    cleveland, ohio

                    my SO just scored me 4 wild game cookbooks from a garage sale! this looks tasty:

                    zucchini squash stuffed with moose:

                    2 lbs ground moose
                    6 zucchinis
                    recipe calls for 1/2 cup oil, you could use coconut oil.
                    salt and cayenne pepper to taste
                    1 onion, chopped
                    1 green pepper, chopped

                    steam zucchini until tender. scrape out centers and set aside. discard seeds. crumble ground meat and brown in oil with salt and cayenne pepper. add onion and green pepper and cook until soft. add zucchini centers and mix. stuff hallowed out zucchinis with mixture and bake at 325 for 30 minutes.

                    i use this seasoning recipe for making sausage and it's excellent. i bet it would also work for moose.

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                      Cook them up like a regular burger, they are very tasty, almost like grassfed beef. My dad and his friend scored an 800 lb bull moose last year and we have benefited from the harvest as they have piled the meat on us! I have registered for this year's upcoming Moose lottery her in Maine, hoping I am drawn this year, its been three years with no such luck!
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                        Much luck! The moose was excellent. I need to cook up this little moose roast now, but I can probably sort that out. I'm just not much of a ground meat fan, and I wanted to taste the moose, not use it as a filler like you do with ground meat normally.