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Can you marinate and freeze?

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  • Can you marinate and freeze?

    Hi. Pretty straightforward question. Can you marinate a peace of meet and then freeze it? Does it depend on what you use to prepare the marinade?

    If so, how do you proceed? Do you freeze it with the marinade or you throw the marinade away and freeze only the meat?

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    Sure. I freeze a few tougher cuts of beef with a marindade all the time. If I have to freeze fresh, white, flaky fish, like roughy, I will freeze it in milk bath. You can buy frozen pork in marinades here. I don't see the problem unless you're meat was previously frozen and thawed for a long time. Then you probably want to cook it, and store it.


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      Most definately, this is a great way to prepare a lot of meat at once so you don't have to worry about it when you defrost.
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        Just throw the meat and marinade into the container and freeze immediately. I use freezer bags but some people don't like plastic. As the meat thaws, it will marinate. Super fast and easy!
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          +1 on the freeze immediately and marinade as it thaws.


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            In the book Tender Grassfed Meat (which I highly recommend for any Grok), he recommends marinating in unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and says freezing can be done post-marinade. Simply wrap in wax paper and place in plastic bags, and then freeze. Since I get most of my grassfed meat already frozen, I haven't yet followed the marinate-then-freeze protocol but have had great success marinating steaks for a couple days before cooking them. The enzymes in the oil really tenderize the meat and impart a subtle olive-y aroma.