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improving on my kefir oatmeal protein shake?

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  • improving on my kefir oatmeal protein shake?

    I'm following 18/6 intermittent fasting protocol. I'm aiming at around 2000 calories since I'm cutting. On top of that I'd like to make lunch replacement so I can carry it from home. So, I just made me a kefir shake:

    600ml homemade kefir out of 3% milk
    2 scoops ON Whey protein Rocky Road flavor
    1/2 cup red mill gluten free rolled oats

    I put it all in fridge so that oatmeal soaks overnight. I hope it will be good tomorrow, and I hope kefir bacteria will remove remaining lactose from whey protein and reduce sugar. I'm guessing the nutritional content is as follows

    calories 766
    Total Fat 24 g 36 %
    Total Carbohydrate 65 g 22 %
    Dietary Fiber 5 g 20 %
    Sugars 5 g
    Protein 72 g 145 %

    What do you think about my recipe as a meal replacement, and any ideas for improvement? I'll eat this around noon, and I'll have big dinner around 5pm (1200-1300 cal)

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    Eat it or drink it?

    Oatmeal or rolled oats?

    If drinking, and using rolled oats the drinking consistency will be better if the dry rolled oats are first blended in to a 'powder' before before adding to the shake mix - otherwise the rolled oars will probably clump at bottom
    of drinking shake.


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      It's rolled oats. Good idea about blending them as I was planning to drink the shake.


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        Yep I add a scoop of blended/powdered rolled oats to my occasional protein shakes - quick shake and it's ready to drink.

        I pre-blend a couple of cups of the oats and store dry in a jar with a scoop measuring cup from a used protein powder. Then scoop out some powdered oats when I make the shake.

        That way the oats are drinkable ( shake a couple times between 'sips') -
        Other wise rolled oats just clump at the bottom of the shake bottle (and in the ball/spring mixer) and a spoon is needed to finish it off ( messy).


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          The taste was great. With shakes between sips I managed to drink most of it and had to use spoon only for the remaining stuff.

          While I had gas with ON protein before, I had none after drinking this shake. I guess kefir bacteria did something to it. Also no problems with the oats inside.

          It did not make me happy as a meal replacement tho. I think I need solid food, but I think I'll continue making it as an after workout shake.