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  • lets chat about primal cookbook recipes

    So, I made the walnut brownies for the kiddos, the spinach bread, the almond crackers, and the egg salmon salad. All wonderful so far. Hubby and i ate WAY too much of the almond crackers in one sitting. They were scrumptious! I was the only one who liked the brownies, though. So, they are currently in the freezer until I can think of what to add them to. Dh said they were too bitter. Maybe because i just used organic cocoa instead of dutch process. anyone know where to get that kind of cocoa? And, the whole fam loved the spinach bread as the crust for pizza. Anyone else make something from the cookbook?

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    I've made the cream of greens soup (fabulous) and eggs benedict salad (also fabulous).

    I've got a bunch of stuff I want to try (ummm, how about almost everything!) but I'm making Cardiff Crack next.


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      I have had the chili. With just ground beef. Really good have had it a couple times since.

      The Moraccan Chicken. Pretty good. I used way to much mint and lemon.

      The hot cocoa. I used really good cocoa powder. Not dutch process. I didn't really like it though. Probably the cooks fault.

      I have made one other thing so far. It will come to me.
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        I have made the coconut pancakes twice. They turned out awesome both times and my non-primal family loved them! I will be "bakin bacon" tomorrow and will grill the steak Mark's way within the week.

        I can't wait to try all the rest of the recipes. Sooner rather then later I will make every recipe. Oh, I will make one of the iced drinks very soon!
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          i made the coconut milk custard. Awesome!
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            I have done the Walnut brownies OMG!!!! Freaking AWESOME. I added espresso powder to mine and the flavor was over the top. also did VERY little sweetner, just some organic raw honey about 1/4 cup for the entire batch and they were OMG so good. Made european triple cream whipped cream for a dollup on the top. heaven.

            Gonna try the Coconut milk Ice cream this week, as it is hotter than the firey gates of hell here this week.


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              I made Cream of Greens Soup last night and it was okay, but kinda bland and boring. I made it with mostly spinach, amd used whole raw milk instead of cream or coconut milk. That was probably my problem.

              Fish Patty Cakes came out very well - we will definitely be making them again.

              My husband is making Slow-Cooked Chicken in Broth tonight.
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                re: dutch processed cocoa. Get the Dutch brand (if you can) Droste! I also use Rapunzel (I think) & another in a pale lavender container (organic) & that seems good also. I also want to make that cardiff crack! I made the steak & kidney stew with bison & thought it yummy.


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                  I second the positive comments on coconut flour pancakes; way better than other GF pancake recipes I have made. I also made the "Transylvannian stock pot" (?) and that was outstanding. Note: we used pastured beef sausage instead of keilbasa and we may have accidentally used cayenne instead of paprika because it was fiendishly hot. But with the sour cream in it in the end, it was just right. We also made the shrimp cakes-on-salad thing, which was also a winner.
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                    the bison chili was amazing, the cider vinegar and cocoa powder really added something special. I have 1 farm fresh chicken left in the fridge and am planning on doing the slow cooked chicken with broth


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                      You are all making me want to make a recipe or 2 everyday! Keep your comments coming - I am really enjoying them all!
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                        I really want to try the almond flour encrusted fried poached egg thingies. They look pretty awesome.

                        I still have > 20lbs of grass-fed ground beef in my freezer. I think a modified version of the bison chili is in order.
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                          I made the Moroccan Chicken. Deeee-lish! This is really an inspirational cookbook and I'm so excited to try all of these recipes! THANKS for all the beautiful photos as well!


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                            Granny's Quick BBQ with the homemade ketchup recipe: easy and terrific - one of my favs

                            Whole Chicken in a Dutch Oven: excellent

                            Turkey Kabobs - good, but would be better with a dipping sauce; last night I made the ginger sesame sauce to go with it.

                            Creamed Kale - yummy and easy

                            Summer Squash noodles: really liked this - topped it with browned ground beef and Classico tomato basil sauce - even the boyfriend liked it. I hand-cut the squash "noodles" & it worked out fine.

                            Baked cabbage with carrot & onion - good (I made mine with bacon fat)

                            Homemade Mayonaisse - was really runny - but that was likely my fault - I tend to not have the patience for slowly adding the olive oil


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                              Just ordered the book today so I can join this thread. I have about 45 cookbooks and banned new ones for the past two years, but this is the exception. Can't wait!