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Help! Can't find the pb almond cake recipe!

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  • Help! Can't find the pb almond cake recipe!

    can someone give me an almond cake recipe??!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

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    I googled gluten-free almond cake & came up with this one. The one on had 7 eggs & more sugar...


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      ok, I just found this one too. OK, I know they have some sweet in them, I'm sure you'll make your own adjustments. This one sounds wonderful: I love chocolate & orange together (If I had oranges I would so be making this right now). since the recipe calls for whole oranges, I would give the skins a good scrubbing - unlewss you are fortunate to get un-waxed fruit. Please post your results!!!


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        this is hands down my favorite cake ever. and my favorite thing to bake, of all times.
        it is an almond flour cake with any filling or frosting you wish, but i really like the chocolate one that is in my recipe.


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          Elana's Pantry has tons of recipes that use almond flour. Make sure you read this page:

          Primarily, she emphasizes that you need to use BLANCHED almond flour for baking; if you use something like Bob's Red Mill, the texture won't be right.


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            i always use bob's red mill, even for elana's recipes. i've never had an issue with it, but maybe i'm just lucky!