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  • Lamb hearts

    Couple of Qs:

    - Can these be cooked whole, or do they need to be trimmed?
    - If cooked on a low heat, will the valves break down, as it were?
    - Anybody got some good recipes? Something Morrocan/Middle-eastern/Indian?

    Can get a kilo for 3.50, which, for Welsh lamb, is an excellent price.
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    I've never cooked lamb heart, I cook beef heart like a very lean steak, and cook it like stir fry, hot and quick. Sliced thinly -Marinades work wonderfully. I clean off all the creepy strings and nodules.

    I have heard of people slow cooking them, with mixed results.
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      The important thing is to raise the uncooked heart to some sort of physical representation of Ba'al before you do anything else.


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        If it's like beef heart, which I'm absolutely sure it is, it must be trimmed. The valves won't break down and it will be exceedingly chewy. And you can use it with any recipe that calls for cubed lamb or beef.
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          I haven't cooked it but I suspect that any chewy bits would eventually soften in water or stock. I've been making beef tendon lately and it takes 4 hours of simmering to turn soft. So, try cutting off the valves, etc. and cook separately or at least add to the stockpile (so to speak.) These odd parts have nutritional components that aren't in muscle meat.
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            Stuff 'em! Wrap em in bacon and cook whole ... eat whole or slice through and arrange in a Cheffy style:

            Mushroom, hazelnut & parsley one side; black pudding (yes, blood ... back into the heart) t'other.

            "... needs more fish!"


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              Paul's hearts look very good.

              I've usually eaten them casseroled, but simply cut and fried works, too.

              Here's an Irish recipe for lamb's heart with lamb's liver:

              FOOD Lamb’s heart and liver * la Westport

              That link also mentions an old Welsh recipe for lamb's hearts and lamb's tongues, a version of umble pie, which sounded interesting. I looked around and found a version:

              Recipes | Black Welsh Lamb's Blog

              ("Umbles" is an old word for entrails and while I think it primarily means intestines can cover offal in general.)

              I expect that would work just as well as a stew as a pie. It is a bit complex though.

              Middle Eastern recipes for that cut I haven't seen.


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                same to me, usually eaten them casseroled, but simply cut and fried works, thanks