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Primal(ish) Pizza Using Spinach Bread Recipe from Primal Blueprint Cookbook

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  • Primal(ish) Pizza Using Spinach Bread Recipe from Primal Blueprint Cookbook

    Hi All,

    When a friend and I looked through the Primal Blueprint Cookbook and saw the recipe for the spinach bread we said, pizza.

    The recipe is also here on the site:
    Ours came out looking more spinachy and green, Which I think is better for pizza crust. The ingredients are the same though. We made sure not to whip in too much air when we scrambled the eggs.

    So we set about making a quadruple batch of the batter with +1 egg per and slapping it all together. (plus 1 egg over book recipe which is 5. same as website recipe)

    Our quadruple batch made 3 10.5" pizza crusts that I prebaked for 10min @ 350F. We pulled each out of the pan, topped them and grilled them on a pizza stone in the gas grill for about another 10 minutes at good and hot :-)

    I put up a picasa album here with a few pictures:

    We were all very happy with the results, 4 of us ate well and we still had a pizza leftover that I put in the freezer for another day.

    Let me know what you think!

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    I like it. Thanks, will try this soon.


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      Wait, I'm a little confused by the math...could you break down the ingredient list for one good-sized crust?


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        Originally posted by patricewmccullough
        I made a batch of these with my nephews. They loved it, saying how they were making zombie brain pizza dough. I think it's a great way to get them started with primal. Thanks for sharing your photos!
        Those picture asre awesome- Meat Man, you rock. The Mistresses of Mistakes really like your style. I say make a dipping sauce with some yogurt and spaces and you are really onto something fantastic!


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          Ummm...I didn't make it. My question was to the original poster as to how he adjusted the egg math.

          However, since this thread is nearly 3 years old, I doubt I'm gonna get an answer.