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Pregnancy-related backache

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  • Pregnancy-related backache

    I'm 6 months pregnant and I've been having backache for almost 3 months now. But it seems to have gotten worse this week. It doesn't hurt all the time, only when I get up after sitting or lying down. Infact, I can't take any steps for a sometime and then it feels ok. My posture for sure has changed in the last couple of months. My midwife says backache during pregnancy is normal. Since it's not constant, it doesn't really interfere with my daily routine but it would be nice to not have any at all. I sit at a desk for 9 hours everyday.

    Any exercises or tips to improve posture and relieve pain? Thanks.

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    It is normal, but when you sleep at night put a pillow between your legs when you sleep on your side. Also, when you are sitting make sure to sit up straight with your shoulders back. Try to get up and walk around frequently.
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      Tuck your butt under, do pelvic rocks, and check into SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction)
      This website has some great information about it, plus some treatment ideas.
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        Just wanted to add that you can also place a somewhat flat pillow underneath your belly when laying on your side. Helps to support the tummy giving your lower back a nice break. Pillow between the leg is a must too!! I ended up with about 6 pillows in bed with me so I didn't have to roll them over with me (thankfully DH didn't mind). You can also stretch a bit when your in the shower. Let the heat of the water warm up your muscles and stretch your sides out. Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy even with the backache!!


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          Get thee to a chiropractor asap and frequently - at least weekly for the remainder of the pregnancy if possible as pregnancy adjustments don't hold.

          Pregnancy yoga and massage are also strongly recommended.

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            Thank you all for the info.

            @MamaB: Yes I am, thanks