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Maggots better than antibiotics

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  • Maggots better than antibiotics

    Maggots put in wounds to eat infected flesh may be a more effective treatment than giving the patient antibiotics.

    I can't recall if we've had this on the boards before, but even if so another airing wouldn't hurt.

    Patients in Kenya may soon start receiving live maggots as a treatment after promising results from a pilot study using the age-old practice. ...

    Maggot therapy dates back to early civilisations. But with the discovery of penicillin and the development of antibiotics in the 20th Century, modern medicine dropped it as the treatment of choice in hospitals. ...
    Good write-up:

    BBC News - How maggots can lower Kenyan hospital bills

    These have been used in some British hospitals for quite some time. And this is now regarded as a strategy for use against superbugs like MRSA:

    Maggots help fight hospital superbugs | Daily Mail Online

    Maggots help fight hospital superbugs | Daily Mail Online
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    I'd be up for trying it! I actually kinda love creepy crawlies of all kinds and I think it would be fascinating.

    Another low tech way to prevent wound infection? Putting sugar on the wound.


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      I suppose that could kill organisms by osmosis. I know people used to put sugar and soap on cuts -- many people's grandparents probably did that. I guess it worked for them. I think I might prefer honey: I know there's a long history of the use of that, and there are probably traces of other things in it that might possibly help.

      I have used garlic juice on a cut that was infected. Worked for me. Interestingly, that used to be used in WWI, in the days before sulpha drugs.


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        I thought of it because like the maggot story, it also hit the news:

        I don't know know much further research was done, the outcomes etc. Still it's an interesting topic.


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          Thanks for link.

          There's a fascinating very high-tech non-drug treatment for wounds that have been thought to be absolutely untreatable they're so infected that's been used by Robert O. Becker. He's saved a few people's limbs.

          I shan't spoil it for anyone who wants to read the story.

          The Body Electric: Robert O. Becker, Gary Selden: 9780688069711: Books

          I learnt about that book -- which is a very wide-ranging and fascinating book about the human body as an electrical system -- from Dr. Jack Kruse's site. I haven't visited Jack's site for quite some time. He's a highly controversial figure in paleo circles and isn't exactly mainstream paleo, but he does point people towards some interesting material that's not often talked about elsewhere. Becker's work is certainly worth anyone's time:

          Robert O. Becker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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            Damn you, damn you Lewis. Now there's ANOTHER book I want to buy.


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              Related: Electrical Stimulation for Long-Bone Fracture-Healing: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials | jbjsam



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                I believe the truth of this but I can't quite get past the thought of them. I hate their parents. They spoil so many picnics.
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                  damn you Lewis. Now there's ANOTHER book I want to buy.