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Concern with Glass ionomer fillings

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  • Concern with Glass ionomer fillings

    Hi fellow Primal people, I am a bit new around here.

    My dentist is suggesting to use glass ionomer to repair my wisdom teeth which I want to keep because I already don't have 4 teeth because of previous orthodontic treatment. If you look at the Wikipedia entry for glass ionomer you will see that it releases flouride for a long period. Does anyone know how long is this?

    Secondly has anyone heard of 'Venus Diamond Composite'' (which is also another filling that my dentist is planning for my other molars)?
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    Fluoride is nasty stuff. According to what I've read it will make your bones brittle. I would stay away from it. Surely there is a better option. Though they all seem to have their problems.


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      Below is a link to a post about the safety of Fluoride. Skip the post and read the comments. Daniel & Evan Brand have worthwhile comments. The stuff used to used as rat poison, probably still is. It was a hard sell to get it added to the drinking water.

      My dentist doesn't use the stuff. Nor does he use mercury (amalgam fillings).

      For more information, check out the Fluoride Action Network (Google will help you find their web site).


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        What material does your dentist actually use? Is he a holistic or biological dentist?

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          Hmmm...your post got me wondering. I don't know what he put in my mouth. He told me that most people don't react to it, though it does give off a bit of bis-A. I need to make an appointment. If I think about it, I'll ask.

          You may find some good recommendations / information on the IAOMT's web site. IAOMT = international academy of oral medicine & toxicology.