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Has anyone successfully added dairy, legumes, etc. back into their diet

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  • Has anyone successfully added dairy, legumes, etc. back into their diet

    Has anyone gone strict Primal/Paleo for three weeks or whatever and successfully added dairy, legumes, alcohol, etc. back into their diet? It seems like your body will say "What is this ****?" and you will take that to mean that you are not meant to consume it, ever. (I have not ever gone strict. Giving up dairy, beans, wine, etc., or only having them once a year, just wasn't going to happen.)
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    Re: Has anyone successfully added dairy, legumes, etc. back into their diet

    I went strict for at least the first few months, can't remember how long for, then brought dairy back in.

    Started with butter and ghee first, with no issues. Then full cream, which was also ok, so added back in full fat milk in my tea/coffee. This was also ok.

    On and off over the years, I have had periods where I've eaten yoghurt and drunk milk without any noticeable issues.

    Then last spring I realised that my hayfever was particularly bad (symptoms had drastically improved after going paleo), so I looked at what I was doing/eating differently. Yoghurt almost daily plus glasses of milk and some soft cheeses. Cut the fairy back to just butter and ghee and the hayfever literally vanished overnight. Added yoghurt back in and they came back, Same with cheese. Small amounts occasionally is ok, but frequently at the wrong time of year and is not nice.

    Never like chickpeas, lentils etc. So haven't bothered with them.
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      The only reaction I notice is with bread. I eat it a couple or a few times a month, and it gives me gas. No pain or anything severe, but my body notices. But I think it always noticed because I was much fartier before eliminating or restricting certain foods.

      Legumes were pretty much occasional foods, so giving them up just happened easily. And I never took dairy out of my life because good cheese is just good food, and no one can convince me otherwise. Obviously, I don't have digestive issues with dairy.
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        I wasn't able to add back yogurt. It gives me emergency trips to the bathroom. I rarely eat grains because they make me really sleepy and frankly, they aren't worth it.

        We went on a vacation a couple weeks ago and I ate pretty much what I wanted to for 5 days. I came home sick and had a strange swelling in the glands on the right side of my jaw and down my neck. Now that I'm back to eating well, it's gone away.

        I've added back alcohol a couple times a week (instead of every night.)


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          I eat dairy and grains, no problem. I keep the grains very limited (maybe 1 or 2x a week).

          The only thing that bothers me is excess sugar (so like eating a crazy dessert is out), vegetable/canola oil (makes me feel like acid is running thru my veins) and nightshades. I would think a lot depends on what you are sensitive to (if anything). I also never eat "fake" foods ever.

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            I eat an F-load of good dairy. Seems to be working well.

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              I think I eat mostly dairy. If I go without dairy for too long, I do get kinda farty. But I eat cottage cheese and yogurt every day these days without ill-effect. Oatmeal is better left never passing my lips if people don't want to endure clouds of sulfur. I don't have a problem with legumes and enjoy Indian food now and then. I think the whole thing about legumes is that they really do need to be prepared properly and then you should not base your protein needs on them because they just don't do for you what animal protein does, even if you combine well, and especially calorie-for-calorie.
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                I was severely lactose intolerant, a glass of milk could make me clear a room. I ive recently added whole milk back after being paleo/primal for 3 years (the first year I was strict paleo) with not many issues.

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                  Dairy: YES. All day; every day. Dairy, coffee, and gelatin are the only foods I know with certainty that I've had DAILY in the past 6 months.
                  Legumes: Occasionally. I like Indian food and Mexican food. I don't make a huge effort to add them or to subtract them in my life.
                  Rice: ~1-3x a week (closer to 1x), usually sushi. I will have more of rice when I'm done wanting to lean out.
                  GF oats: whenever I want to... but like rice, I tend to have less of it when I want to lean out.
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                    I eat dairy and drink alcohol. My body only goes "What is this ****?" if I've had too much. So, it's all in moderation. Try slowly re-introducing things. I recommend aged cheeses and yogurt for the dairy, and wine for alcohol.

                    I occasionally eat legumes such as black beans and peas. I am not a huge fan of these foods, but I will take them out of sheer convenience (i.e. if someone else puts them on my plate, I won't be rude). No issues to report.

                    I also eat white rice, no big deal. I consider it similar to potatoes. The occasional corn.

                    So, yes on the 'success' question.
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                      Oh and I don't drink...but that's not for nutritional reasons. I just don't like it.
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                        Still Zero gluten in my diet, I can tell when I've been glutened now (bloat/gas) but its not terrible. (mostly)Zero vegetable/crap oils too.

                        Corn(usually nixtamilized, other than sweet corn-on-the-cobb), Beans, rice (wild rice especially) and dairy are all on the table now. None of them affect me in any way.


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                          Our families backsliding list:

                          Carbs: Potatoes or Rice every evening.

                          Dairy: Cream every week. Cheese and milk slightly less often than that.

                          Legumes: Frozen beans and peas multiple times a week. Nachoes (with corn chips too!) every month or so. And lentils or chickpea curry every few months.

                          Wheat: We have sourdough pizza every fortnight or so.

                          Sugar: Just what the kombucha didn't manage to eat
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                            I eat plenty of dairy, white rice, lentils, black beans and chickpeas on a regular basis with zero issues


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                              I'm good with dairy but don't have it often because my kids are lactose intolerant and will drink/eat any and all forms of dairy in the house if they can get their hands on it. Never had any problems with legumes and we probably have them 2-3 times a week. Wheat though, that one is a problem any time I have it. Pretty much guaranteed joint pain, headaches, and bloating if I indulge.