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possibly low HCL supplement

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  • possibly low HCL supplement


    so I have quite a lot of digestion issues (bloating, leaky gut, white furry coated tongue - which drives me f*cking mad, because after a year of research and diagnosis I can't figure out the cause if this shit).
    Anyway.. among many other things I looked into the possibility of low stomach acid. I did the home tests with baking soda, lemon and citric acid (powder) which all came out 'positive' - so low stomach acid.

    I might try a supplement but I am wondering, if it's better to take just Betain HCL+pepsin or have whole digestive enzymes. Here's the label:
    I am afraid that there's not enough Betain HCL in this one. And also it's a little bit more expensive.

    Which one would you take if you were me?

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    possibly low HCL supplement

    I can't see your attachment yet...
    I started taking HCL five or so months ago to try and address what seemed to me to be major nutrient absorption issues and it has made a significant difference for me. I have tried two different brands so far - Nature's Life, with 648mg betaine per cap as well as 130mg pepsin, and Natural Factors, with 500mg betaine and 100mg fenugreek seed. Next one (when my iherb order arrives) is Doctor's Best with 650mg betaine, 25mg pepsin and 20mg gentian bitters, which are supposed to stimulate digestion.
    I haven't noticed any major difference from one brand to the other. I did read HCL supps should always be paired with pepsin, but I also take a separate enzyme supp (Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme). What I think is most useful is tailoring how many HCL caps you take to the meal you're eating - rather than just two for each meal, take more for a really protein heavy meal, fewer for smaller, lighter meals.
    Since starting the supps my digestion has improved, I notice bloating less often (though when I do bloat now it's far more apparent and uncomfortable) and my BM's have improved significantly.


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      ok, great. Then maybe I'll go with the first one (Betain HCL+pepsin). I'm guessing I have some malabsorption going on as well. Maybe the undigested food in my gut is causing the bloating. I also have cracks on the side of my tongue, which apparently is a sign of lacking B vitamins (which makes sense as B12 is quite hard to digest).
      Oh, and here's the image again: