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Coming off blood pressure meds

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  • Coming off blood pressure meds

    I finished up my BP Meds in Friday. On Saturday my weight was normal. This morning it was 10 pounds heavier than Saturday. Nothing has changed in my diet. Has anyone heard of something like that due to BP meds? I did a Google search and it appears it's happened to others. Does it call back off or is this more of my natural weight?

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    What kind of B/P med were you on, was is a water pill?


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      One was chlorthalidone. Turns out that's a water pill. So I'm guessing that's what it is. But shit, 10 pounds like 2 months worth of work! But I have to realize without the water pull I would have been 10 pounds heavier to start too.


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        You might want to get a home bp monitor. I went off mine gradually. As a note, though maybe the majority of people with high bp can lower it by losing weight, there are some normal weight people who are predisposed to high bp. You can't just assume that losing weight will make your bp okay.
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