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Carbon Steel Pan...What am I doning wrong???

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  • Carbon Steel Pan...What am I doning wrong???


    I bought a de Buyer Carbone Steel pan (not the Mineral B). Seasoned it using lard (according to Sheryl Canter method: Heated it in a 200 F oven for 15 minutes, rubbed lard on it, whipped lard off, put it back in the oven, upped the oven temp to 500 F, and let pan cook for an hour. I did this 6 times!) My pan looked great! A lovely golden bronze.

    This morning I put the pan on the burner, heated it to a low-medium temp. Buttered the pan - all over; it sizzled. Cracked two eggs in it. The eggs stuck.

    It looks like most of the seasoning came off when I scrubbed the pan. Now what??!

    This is the second time I've seasoned the pan. The first time I followed the instructions in the Vollrath YouTube video, but used lard instead of flax seed oil. Do I really need to use flax seed oil on this thing? People were using cast iron pans long before flax seed became vogue. (Crisco is revolting.) I cleaned the first seasoning off the pan with oven cleaner, then washed it with Dawn dish soap before seasoning it again.

    I had better luck with a stainless steel frying pan!


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    You scrubbed the pan after seasoning it? Don't do that. Just put your favorite oil in the pan, place it in the oven at 450. After about 10-15 minutes turn the oven off and let everything cool naturally. Use the pan just as it is after coming out of the oven. No need to scrub off any old seasoning either. Avoid scraping the pan. In the future just clean with hot water and a soap free rag.


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      This is where PUFAs are a good thing. Flax seed oil will polymerize to form a nice coating.
      When you cook, you'll need to preheat to a good temp to avoid sticking. Butter should sizzle but not burn. That's "med/low" for 4 minutes on my stove - you'll need to figure yours out by trial and error.


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        I tried a few of those methods when I first got my de buyers pans, but I found the best way is to just use it, and let the patina build up over time. I just use water, and a nylon dish brush to wash it, then dry with paper towel. It works great. Also make sure that the pan is nice, and hot before adding the eggs.

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          Carbon Steel Pan...What am I doning wrong???

          It worked!!!

          This morning I seasoned the pan according to de Buyer's instructions (put 1mm of oil in the pan and heat it to the smoke point, discard oil, and cook). Let it cool a bit. Then added about 1.5-2 tsp of lard in the pan as it warmed to just under medium (electric range . ) before adding eggs. They fried up nicely and did not stick! I'm very pleased! It wiped clean with a paper towel.

          I'll keep using the pan. As I get used to the electric stove, I guess / hope to find the temperature sweet spot. That was a lot of lard for fried eggs, normally I use butter, but not 1.5 teaspoons.

          Thanks! Cheers!
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