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Primal for 21-days, reintroduced dairy and fasting blood sugar spiked-help

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  • Primal for 21-days, reintroduced dairy and fasting blood sugar spiked-help

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help. Here is my background, I'm a breastfeeding mom, 5 months postpartum. I had gestational diabetes during the entire pregnancy and managed my blood sugar through moderation of carbs and 2.5 mg glyburide. Postpartum my glucose tolerance test still showed insulin resistance. I also allowed my diet to get a little crazy with ice cream and other processed foods.

    Unlike a lot of people, I was feeling great (no tummy troubles at all) other than the cyclic nature of my processed carb cravings...the more I ate, the more I wanted... That is what motivated me to go what I call strict primal (no dairy, grains, legumes, artificial sweeteners, or processed foods) for 21 days. My processed food cravings are gone and my fasting blood sugar went from 86* down to 75* after week one and stayed there the remainder of the 21 days.
    (*The numbers don't mean much to me since I think my blood sugar reader runs on the low side so I assume the real numbers are about 10 points higher, but the trends are what I am using it for)

    Here is my problem/question:
    After 21-days I reintroduced full-fat dairy, had a cheat meal of sushi, and two slices of bread over a 7 day time frame. My fasting blood sugar is back up to 86. Could this be leaky gut syndrome? I haven't felt bloated or anything with the reintroduction of these foods. I actually still feel great with the added benefit of no more processed food cravings. Another big plus is my milk supply has come back up with the reintroduction of full-fat dairy after it had dropped during the 21-days of strict primal eating.

    HELP, I need some advise as I am a sleep deprived new mother and can't think straight. I guess my concern is that the spike in fasting blood sugar may be indicative of something like leaky gut syndrome in which case I probably need to eliminate the dairy and cheat meals until my gut can heal. Of course I need to balance that with my milk supply as I plan on continuing to exclusively breastfeed my son for several more months.

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading and any advise you can provide.


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    Hi Robin. No need to be sorry. Not long at all. Anyway, we need to know stuff to help.

    I would be thrilled if my blood sugar was 86, or even 96 if that's the true reading. It is a lot higher despite large doses of Metformin.

    Full fat dairy, the only kind I would consume, can make you insulin resistant. It did me. One meal of sushi and two slices of bread shouldn't do anything lasting.

    How many carbs are you eating? Low carb can make you insulin resistant. It seems to have done that to me. (Vicious circle - I ate more and more fat, esp. dairy fat, and fewer and fewer carbs. And my glucose shot higher and higher.)
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      Thanks for the reply. On average I have about 150g carbs a day with about 50 of those coming from sugar in fruits and the occasional bit of honey. Carbs make up about 35%, fats about 43%, and protein about 22% of my daily calories.

      I'm not as much concerned with the fasting blood sugar numbers, but what it might mean that it spiked after adding dairy and a couple of cheats.

      Thanks again.