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  • Primal and eyes ....

    Yesterday I went to my eye doctor for my yearly check up . I am 42 and have had an astigmatism in both eye my whole life . After he had tested me on all kinds of tests (thought my eyes were gonna pop out lol) he finally told me at the end of my office call he asked what I had been doing because my astigmatism in both eyes has gotten 25% better . I said vitamin s he said that won't do it . I told him I had been paleo / primal for a couple of years . And quit eating grains and legumes ... he said that's all ? and I told him yes ...... have never heard of this ever getting better on anybody !!!!! Wow !!!!!

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    Congratulations, that's amazing! It's incredible what your body can do when you give it the building blocks it needs.
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      That's cool.

      As for saying that vitamins and diet wouldn't do it...well technically the only thing that's been medically proven to improve astigmatism is surgery, so clearly there's somethings the profession still doesn't know about it!


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        Very interesting. I've had worsening astigmatism since my 20's (20/20 before that), but it has never sat right with me as just some genetic thing. I've always felt that there must be some underlying "cause", either from how the eyes are used or from inflammation of the eyelid/socket, or something. What possible evolutionary/survival/adaptive benefit could there be to having stuff be blurry at all distances? It seems reasonable that peoples' eyes may become myopic due to adaptation to close work, especially as children. I know lots of people with huge myopia and they are all readers and/or computer nuts.

        Anyway, maybe I can stick with this and see some benefit for myself.


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          You are lucky. The older I get the worse it gets. I'm at a loss without reading glasses. I have them everywhere. Misplaced, deliberately planted, extra pairs everywhere. I'm almost to the point where I think I will need reading glasses to see the ground when I walk. It sucks to be old.
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            Man, I'd kill to only need reading glasses.