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Getting the VAP Cholesterol Test in Canada?

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  • Getting the VAP Cholesterol Test in Canada?

    Is the VAP test available in Canada?

    I just got my blood test results and it seems that I may have somewhat high cholesterol.
    I'd like to get the VAP test, but I don't know if it is available here.

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    hey Cheapo,

    I had my lipid profile done and didn't get a VAP test, however with some looking into the ratios I didn't really worry about the general numbers. Here is the link

    Griff helped with his analysis as well and he linked to his Cholesterol Primer that may help. If you do get a VAP test, I would be interested.


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      I started doing the calculations based on Griff's primer, but haven't finished yet.

      In the meantime, I received this response from Atherotech:
      Thank you for your inquiry with Atherotech. Unfortunately, we currently do not have a presence in Nova Scotia. As far as Canada goes, right now, we are only established in the Toronto area. If you would happen to be in the Toronto area, I would be happy to give you some phone numbers to places there that offer the VAP. Now we do have a client in Blue Hill, Maine that offers the VAP. Their information is listed below. Otherwise, if your doctor sends specimen to some of the bigger reference laboratories here in the US (Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Mayo, ARUP, Specialty Labs, etc.), they all are capable to forward the specimens to us to run the VAP. If you find yourself in the US, you can give our Customer Service team a call at (877) 901-8510 and they will be able to tell you where to go depending on your location in the US. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may bring but we appreciate your interest in our VAP Cholesterol Test.
      Jonathon Morgan

      Blue Hill Family Medicine
      1653 Water Street, Fl 2
      Blue Hill, ME 04614


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        Can they get an apo b? That should tell you a bit about the amount of total Ldl and vldl particles (in general, the higher the apo b, the more small, dense LDL).


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          VAP in Toronto

          ...and here's where you can get the VAP in Toronto (only city in Canada where it is available):
          • Toronto Naturopathic Clinic
            77 Bloor Street
            Toronto, Canada M5S 1M2
          • Scienta Health Centre
            4120 Yonge Street, Suite 306
            Toronto, Canada M2P 2B8
          • Dr. Zoya Voitenko
            1366 Victor Avenue
            Mississauga, Ontario, Canada