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Chronic bad breath..please help me! You will literally give me my life back

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  • Chronic bad breath..please help me! You will literally give me my life back

    I've had chronic bad breath for about 3 years now. I'm 23 and it is ruining my life and social life. I've had my adenoids and tonsils removed to try to fix this and nothing has helped. I've been to a gastro doctor who really didn't give a shit or help me. I've been to an ENT who removed my tonsils and I haven't been back since. If you guys don't know the answer or know a holistic doctor please ask them for me I have nothing else left to do to help myself. I don't know what it smells like, I've never asked anyone because it's so embarrassing but here are my symptoms:

    1. Metallic taste in my mouth always
    2. It gets HORRIBLE after coffee
    3. I constantly have blocked nasal pathways
    4. My tongue has a white coating
    5. Spit smells sour
    6. I can't drink coffee because it tastes really bitter to me

    **before this all started, I was in deep ketosis (to a point where my sweat smelled like ammonia and it could be smelled from very far away)** That's all I remember about anything before this started to happen

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    I forgot to add it has nothing to do with my mouth. I've visited my dentist for my 6 month cleanings and she says everything is fine.


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      Oh also, I might have post nasal drip. Whenever I eat sugar, or dairy my nose gets way more stuffy therefore making my breath way worse. My doctor said I don't have post nasal drip, but I think I can feel it sometimes.


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        White coating on the tongue sounds a bit like thrush (Candida). You can get something from the chemist/pharmacy for that and add in some pro and pre biotics.

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          I think a great deal of the smell of breath comes from the body's ability to use the lungs for excretion and I can certainly taste a difference if I have been eating poorly. Drinking lots of water and eating clean help with this to a degree. Ketosis itself can lead to pear drop breath as well as causing adipose (fat) cells to release their contents which can include toxins.
          In addition stomach and oesophagus health are crucial, you may have H.pylori which can give its host bad breath and stomach ulcers. Definitely cut sugars if they are making things worse.
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            Try oil pulling as well. Chew xylitol gums.


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              I googled "metallic taste in mouth diet" and looked at a couple of pages. This one mentioned zinc, iodine, and some other possibilities.

              The white tongue suggests a problem with the type of microflora (excess yeast; lack of good bacteria) and a lack of prebiotics (the fiber/food to nourish the good bacteria). Do you eat any naturally fermented foods (e.g. Bubbie's brand sauerkraut or pickles; kefir) and take probiotics? Do you eat a variety of leafy and starchy veggies?

              Paul Jaminet thinks low carb diets cause decreased mucus formation which has many negative effects (e.g. dry eyes, loss of protective barrier in digestive system.) Might be relevant in your situation, here's a link.
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                I was going to suggest post nasal drip, as you said you are stuffed up all the time. Screw the doc, you know how you feel.

                Start using a neti pot or some other kind of nasal irrigation every day. Make it part of your morning routine. Get some allergy meds if you need to and keep your nose/throat clear.

                The other suggestions may help as well, but it makes sense to me to start from the top down.
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                  Try bitter kola. I can ship it to you FREE but you have to pay the courier cost. In just one week you'll be amazed that the problem's gone. Chronic bad breath has little to do with the mouth. Bitter kola saved me.


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                    If you want to try bitter kola, just send a mail to