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What's growing in your garden this year?

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  • What's growing in your garden this year?

    Just wondering what you're all growing in your gardens! Looking for some inspiration as we get ready to start playing in the dirt.

    Last year we had one "early girl" tomato plant and one cherry tomato plant. Thinking about doing some canning this year and trying to make some salsa.

    We have two blueberry bushes that are straggling along. They are two years old now and don't produce much. I'm going to try some different things this year to see if we can get some edible berries.

    I usually plant spinach or some type of lettuce and probably will again. I think I'll try some greens throughout the year. I have read you can grow some things during the colder months.

    We had sugar snap peas last year and they were delicious - must do those again!

    I always have two cucumber plants - they are my favorite. Does anyone do the vertical cucumbers? I think I would try that for the space savings!

    I've tried carrots - they never really do anything. I think it's because I always forget to thin them out. I'm going to try again though!!

    Also do onions, garlic and a few herbs sometimes. And I turned our rain barrel into a strawberry barrel that does fairly well.

    We don't have a huge area and the sun is sketchy in the back so I'm thinking of incorporating veggies into my flowerbeds in the front yard where it is full sun. Anyone else do this type of thing?

    We have a raised bed and then everything else just goes straight into the ground. I'm irritated with the neighborhood cats because they crap on everything. So this year I need to get some wiring around the garden area. I think I might try a little container gardening, maybe with some herbs. I wonder if they would crap on that.

    I have a lot of things I'd love to do... just have to do it!! Plus I'd like a greenhouse. And a nice potting bench. And a garden shed with a cute window. I'm very needy. HA!

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    marking my spot, i like growing things

    weather is still crazy here and i have no seedlings started so it'll be a while before i get anything done

    also, bamboo skewers are good at keeping cat butts off things. make the area look like a deformed porcupine and they go to the bathroom where their butts won't get poked

    or large knitting needles

    or a barky dog

    definitely not cat nip though
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    yeah you are

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      We moved into our house last year and because of how bad my soil was, my garden was pretty pathetic. I have spent the last year fortifying my raised beds. This year I am doing tomatoes, a variety of peppers, cucumbers, green beans, horseradish and whatever else that catches my fancy that I can fit into my beds. I just bought a large raised planter bed that is waist high to plant lettuce, carrots, radishes and chard in. Last year, the wild bunnies got them all. I have two strawberry pots full of plants that are flowering. I just need to keep the puppies out of them. Strawberry pots also make great pots for herbs, especially if you are limited on space. I have a bunch of containers full of edible annuals and herbs. I like to mix them because they are pretty and seem to do well together.

      Last year I also started a compost pile. I got my composter from my garbage company at a significant discount and they give me a small break on my garbage bill because I compost most of my green waste. You don't need a fancy composter but this one is sturdy and keeps out the dogs and wild life. I also have a composting worm farm, which is pretty fun and I should get worn casting from them this year.


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        I am planning on canning salsa this year. I did 70+ quarts a few years ago and we have run out. For that I plant over 20 roma tomatoes, dozen bell pepper plants and 30+ onions. Thinking of doing a hot pepper to spice it up a bit. I also plant a few early girl and cherry for eating. A few sweet pea pods and lemon cucumbers. I have them and about 40 starts of different flowers all in starters in my window. I have a small garden. Would do TONS more if I had the space. I focus on what I plan to can each year and plant accordingly. Last year was pickles so cukes and dill was the big crop.

        DD planted pumpkins and cucumbers in her flower beds and they looked great. Nice big plants. She doesn't have many flowers and uses the space for veggies. We kind of share what we plant so we have more canning ingredients.

        I have seen many veggies planted in flower beds and I think it is a great idea. I was considering pulling out some of my roses and planting blackberries and grapes in their place, but I am now planning on moving into the country in a year or so and then I can do all that there.

        I would go to your local nursery (not a big box store) and ask about the blueberries. They will have an idea on what the local soil is like and can give you suggestions on how to help the plants get the nutrients they need. A good dose of proper compost and nutrients will help give you great blueberries.

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          I was hoping to get some containers and grow things in my new back yard, but shortly after we moved here in September we got doges :|

          Wow, such garden
          Much destroy

          The smaller one is not so bad, but the larger one chewed (yes, chewed) some chunks out of my kitchen wall one day while I was at work and the SO was away.

          Going to have to replan...I guess the herbs would be fine along the side outside of doge land, but anything that fruits would likely walk off...right along my fence is an easement pathway that's regularly traveled. Pretty sure the local kids would take whatever, if only to screw with me.



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            Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post
            I was hoping to get some containers and grow things in my new back yard, but shortly after we moved here in September we got doges :|

            Wow, such garden
            Much destroy

            The smaller one is not so bad, but the larger one chewed (yes, chewed) some chunks out of my kitchen wall one day while I was at work and the SO was away.

            Going to have to replan...I guess the herbs would be fine along the side outside of doge land, but anything that fruits would likely walk off...right along my fence is an easement pathway that's regularly traveled. Pretty sure the local kids would take whatever, if only to screw with me.

            Dogs can be hell on your garden and yard! I finally got smart at my old house and planted one garden for the pups and another in our fenced-in pool area for us. My labs love tomatoes and berries but leave the beans and peppers alone. And tomato dog farts are most unpleasant. My yellow lab loves to nibble on my mint plants but they are pretty hardy. But given the choice of a perfect yard or dogs, I would pick dogs every time.

            I like going to nurseries instead of box stores or chain stores too because they are usually locally owned and they tend to stock plants that do well in the area you live in. Plus they are usually really knowledgable about gardening and willing to answer any question you have. My favorite nursery also has great classes, including how to can vegetables. I plan on learning to can this year. I did it with my mom growing up but don't really remember much. Hopefully this year I will get enough from my own garden to fill lots of jars.

            And a friend here reminded me that horseradish can be invasive if you are not careful. I have it planted in my raised bed with a barrier to keep it where it belongs. Same with herbs like lemon balm, mint, thyme and oregano.


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              I will do what I did last year, I think, and plant some turnip seeds. i used them all summer long for turnip greens in soups or sauteed, etc. I have too much shade now from the Beech tree hedge and Linden tree for much o-wise. Never had to water and the bunnies left them alone.


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                I'm going to plant tomatoes, kale, chard, and maybe jalapeņos in pots on my apartment balcony. I may also start an indoor herb box with a few types of herbs. I've had a small orange tree in my bedroom for several years also.

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                  I will definitely try the bamboo skewer sticks to keep the cats away! While I was pulling weeds today (it was absolutely lovely here today) I had to pick a huge pile of cat crap right out of the grass. They don't even dig a hole and cover it up. Lazy!

                  I unfortunately purchased the blueberry plants from Lowes. I normally buy everything from one specific local nursery but they didn't have blueberries. I bet they know something about them though. Everyone else I talk to that has them says they are thriving.

                  I took a canning class a couple years ago after we purchased a pressure cooker. We still have not used it. I'm thinking if I want to do salsa I better plant more goodies... not sure if I have the space. I also remember my Mom canning pickles when I was a little girl. However it freaks me out a little bit because my Great Grandmother and Great Aunt both died from Botulism and my Grandmother almost died too... it was canned meat but it still sits in the back of my mind.

                  I tried the window sill herbs once when my co-worker gave me... yes... the Chia Pet Herb Pots. I managed to kill all of it.

                  Thankfully, I don't have a dog... the cats seem to do enough damage!

                  Thanks for sharing - and for the tips!!

                  Happy Gardening!


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                    We bought our house last year and we have planned this summer for an overhaul of the garden so I'm not convinced I'll be growing a lot but I am hoping that we get some raspberries, strawberries and herbs.
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                      We took over an allotment last year, didn't have much of a clue but grew lots of different stuff. Best crop to effort ratio was courgettes/zucchini (both green and yellow varieties), rocket, radishes and lettuce. Endless supplies of courgettes!


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                        Silverbeet (chard) is the easiest vege in the world to grow.

                        Broccoli is also good.

                        Leeks are easier than onions to grow and you can use them the same. Chives are even easier, but I don't find them quite as useful.


                        Herbs like thyme and mint. I also just discovered how easy it is to start a new basil plant - when you buy the fresh basil at the supermarket, snip a bit off the top and put it in a vase of water until it forms roots, then you can plant it and hey presto! another whole basil plant

                        Courgettes/zucchini are easy but they are a really really boring vegetable, and people always grow more than they can use (see post above ) so I just let them give me the occasional surplus one rather than growing them myself.
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                          Cucumber, celery, parsley, eggplant, rockmelon, strawberries, pumpkin, watermelon, chillies, basil, 2 small raspberry canes, flowers and a pineapple

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                            This is year three after planting some peach trees and rasberry/blackberry bushes. Last year they both began fruiting so I'm expecting a bit of a harvest this year (hopefully!). Other than that we have an apple, cherry, and pear trees that are well established and produce very well.

                            Each year I do a blended garden. So everything just grows in a random way and I do as much from seed as possible. This usually ends up being: spinach, swiss chard, spring blend of several lettuces, onion, carrots, radishes, beets (also some herbs like basil and dill).....once some harvesting and eating has been done (bout mid May) we will fill in the empty spots with tomato and pepper plants. They will actually provide a bit of shade to some of the heat hearty lettuce to go a bit later into the season.

                            This is like a mix between "square foot gardening" and permaculture for the backyard/garden. Been doing it for 4 years and it is by far the least labor intensive and best yielding form of gardening that I have ever tried. Small scale of course, but its enough for our family.


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                              I have a huge garden every year. We also have a new orchard but only plums so far on the young trees. Let's see...carrots, taters, beans, snow peas, ground cherries, tomatoes, chard, kale, spinach, lettuce, corn, squashes, melons, onions, beets, punk ins, herbs, radishes, cukes, leeks, strawberries, broccoli, cherries, apples, plums , hopefully. I LOVE to garden. I have a couple families I feed with veggies as well as mine.