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Hair Drama : is olive oil the answer?

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    Thanks. My hair can be frizzy and crazy too, just depends on the day, the humidity, the way the stars are aligned, etc. My hair is naturally somewhere in between wavy and strait. I'd really like to work towards using no shampoo or conditioner, but so far my experiments have not produced results that I love.

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      I oil my hair (coconut, olive oil, palm oil, etc) and let it sit awhile (2 teaspoons of oil will be more than enough) (I put the oil on dry hair and brush it through). Sometimes I sit in a sauna with my hair oiled. When I wash it, I only use baking soda & water with a vinegar & water rinse (your hair will not feel squeaky clean - that's okay). Between washes, it's not uncommon to go 3-5 days between washes, I brush my hair using a boars hair bristle brush (Goode makes on for about $9). The boars hair bristles move my hair's natural oils (sebum) down the length of the hair shaft.

      If nothing seems to help, consider having your thyroid checked. A symptom of hypothyroidism is dry hair.