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Post abdominoplasty swelling / inflammation advice

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  • Post abdominoplasty swelling / inflammation advice

    So as yall know, I went in for my hernia repair and abdominoplasty last week. You can see the gross belly pics here:

    I am a bit swollen this week, which is to be expected. Wanted to see if folks had any advice on anti-inflammatory foods. And yes, please note that the advice I'm paying the most attention to is my surgeon. Who, by the way, I got to buy a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories.

    I've been doing what she said and making sure to take small walks to keep circulation going. In another couple of weeks I intend to start into a weight routine in ernest.

    I hope to have some less "ew gross" belly pics to post soon.
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    Veggies veggies and more veggies. Let's see if I can find my wound healing ramblings.

    No topical E

    and my info:

    take a single 100,000 IU vitamin A (not beta carotene, just a single dose of 100,000 IU vitamin A - it's been shown to improve wound healing speed.

    take about 80-100 mg zinc daily in divided doses for 5 or so days. (click in my sig line on 'writings' then look for 'my supplements' or 'supplements' - it has specific links)

    take proteolytic enzymes.....really any broad spectrum veg based enzyme or bromelain *on an empty stomach* will work. I like Garden of Life Ozyme - sometimes you'll see it written Ω-zyme. Take 2 of them, 4x per day on an empty stomach - 30 min before eating and 2h after eating. if using ozyme, 2 pills. if using bromelain then it needs to be the 2,000 GDU strength, 2 500 mg caps/tabs. The protein digesting enzymes, when taken on an empty stomach will cross the gut wall, enter the blood stream and will digest inflammatory proteins when they are encountered (mostly at the site of the injury). This will reduce inflammation, speed healing. Faster healing means less scarring.

    1)a lot of dietary antioxidants - eating fresh fruits and veggies at every meal and snack. shoot for 9-13 servings of non-starchy fruits/veggies per day. darker and brighter is always better (ie berries, cherries, mango....kale, broccoli, dark lettuces etc)

    2)sufficient protein...protein plays a significant role in tissue integrity

    3)a great basic, iron free multi (natrol my favorite muliple "Take One" iron free is great and cheap)

    4)essential fatty acids - a few grams of fish oil per day and a gram or so of borage oil.
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      OK thanx, have my shopping list! Just what the heck is borage oil? OK OK I know, google it
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        the most important things - if you have to make economic choices are the enzymes and the zinc.


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          check the 'supps' link and to find the supplements I take. My borage oil might be on there. I know the rest is.


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            Ahh I didn't know about this! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
            It sounds dumb but I reckon a good, basic, primal diet would be best. Lots of variety, lower carbs to avod bloating. Maybe go for little-and-often? I had surgery a couple of years ago (laparoscopy, so only keyhole surgery but they pumped CO2 into me...) and struggled to fit food into my swollen abdomen.
            Lots of fat and protein for repair, you can't go too far wrong?
            Depending on pre-surgery sensitivities, maybe avoid nightshades (tomatoes, aubergine...) as I believe they can be linked to inflammation.
            Coconut oil and/or cocoa butter externally for scarring and stretching

            I'd like to suggest Arnica, but I think homeopathy is a load of tosh (sorry ) and anyway it made no discernable difference when I tried it!

            Take it easy!
            Going to nosey at pics now


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              I got a product called "pancreatin" and it seems to be helping with the swelling. Thanx for the tip.
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