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Small rant - add your own if you want!! :)

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  • Small rant - add your own if you want!! :)

    It amazes me how SO MANY PEOPLE just have no clue how to eat healthy, or how to attempt it even. A very close friend has a baby almost a year old, and I would never ever tell her what to feed her child. But I jokingly point out the obvious bad things she buys. She bought a big jar of Nutella and showed it to me and said, "look what I bought! I'm gonna give some to the baby and see if she likes it." I lightly pointed out that it's pretty much a candy bar in a jar, and even that a mother sued the company because they marketed it as a healthy product. I asked her if she read the label and she said, "psh, no? why would I?" And my heart just sank to the floor, because I know that so many people are like that. I told her that it's a very very sugary unhealthy product and to really think about not giving it to the baby. She said thanks for pointing it out, and she probably won't give it to her now, which made me happy. But she did something similar the other night, and my husband and I happened to stop by after she ate dinner and offered us leftovers. She made ribs and cauliflower (points for cauliflower!!) but the ribs were packaged in BBQ sauce and I looked at the bag and there was a ton of sugar in just a small serving size. I told her I was fine and didn't care for any, and she said, "But its ribs! You've been telling me meat is healthy" and I replied that while the ribs are fine, the sugary sauce is not so much. She hadn't looked at the label at all. My point is not that I'm a food nazi haha my point is that she doesn't check food labels, and that is where so many people fail. She really tried buying something good, ribs are great. But the label showed that the other ingredients were HFCS and canola oil. I also have a friend who told me the other day, "Did you know that they put sugar in so many things? They put sugar in KETCHUP!!" And I was amazed. I really thought it was common knowledge that sugar is in ketchup. And this woman just graduated law school. So she's not dumb, just uninformed. And it makes me sad. I just want people to read labels, or better yet, don't buy very many things with labels! People probably buy that shitty yogurt with the main ingredient of sugar and think its healthy. I'm just gonna get to the point where I'm like, Fine. Feed your kid garbage, I don't want to be that jerk that lectures people all the time. But it just kills me to see my friends and family feed themselves and their children such crap. (SIGH) end rant. feel free to rant to me too! What's on your mind??

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    My rant- I am actually tired of people acting like "healthy" is an objective concept. What's healthy to implement for an active and lean individual might not be for an overweight and sedentary person. Also, I'm kind of over the "holier than thou" attitude on any dietary implementation...precisely because it's so subjective. I admit I'm guilty of being holier than thou as well, and I'm trying to change this.

    Sugar is not the devil. Mark adds a teaspoon of sugar into his coffee and said just plain corn syrup/sugar is not that evil...HFCS is. I think a lot of his followers however has drastically overblown the anti-sugar/carb stance of primal/Mark. (In addition, aside from Mark, who has already branded primal as decidedly low-carb and likely cannot back away from such a stance, most of the larger paleo community has increasingly recognized the place for carb it for the RS, fruit, or starches. )

    For me, I don't worry about added sugar; I worry more about gluten and PUFA, as well as other additives like guar/xanthan gums and artificial coloring. I understand that some people cannot eat as many carbs as I do (I thrive on high carb paleo). While I don't drown my food in sugar (I primarily rely on fruits for sweetening effects), I also don't worry about it if I want some maple syrup, simple sugar, or coconut sugar in my meals once in a while. Instead of creating a craving for more junk, I find keeping sugars (added or naturally in fruits) high prevent me from ever craving junk food. I don't eat baked goods (paleo or non-paleo) much at all. I haven't eaten a regular baked good since god knows when (2 exceptions: self-made gluten free bday cake in July for my bday; 1/4 of a brownie at a law school function in the fall).
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      Originally posted by jilly View Post
      the sugary sauce is not so much. She hadn't looked at the label at all. My point is not that I'm a food nazi haha my point is that she doesn't check food labels, and that is where so many people fail.
      I'm sure to some people you are.

      It's a fine line.

      My mother just told me last month that I shouldn't eat so many eggs 'because there's too much protein and it's bad for your kidneys'.
      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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        My rant: Why won't people at least TRY to see if natural ways might help their situation before they just pop a pill in their mouths? It is so frustrating... I have a very good friend who has myriad health problems and she's depressed too (not sure if that is a symptom or a cause for her health problems) she takes all kinds of medications and also anti-depressants. She's a lovely person and very smart, but she is one of the most unhappy people I have ever met. She just keeps saying "oh you're so lucky! You look good and you're healthy and you never get sad or depressed." Ya know what? I WORK at it! I kicked a fairly serious (at least to me and the people who live with me) anxiety and related depression problem by changing what I eat, how I react to stress, lots of moving around outside and learning to let things go. It was NOT easy, believe me... it's taken me about 4 years of daily work, but I am dedicated to keeping this in check - I sometimes do get sick of having to make such an effort, but it is so worth it though! I know I will never go back to the way I used to live - Hell yes, I am happy about it! I just can't understand why people just give up on themselves and think they have no choice in their lives. I have tried so many times to help this girl, but she refuses to listen.... and it stresses me out! So I am going to have to abandon my efforts to get her to change and love her the way she is, I guess. I just love her and want more for her. It's so frustrating.


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          I think that, for me, it's not so much the not-label-reading, but rather the not-knowing/not-willing-to-know processes.

          I mean, it's very easy to read a few articles and adjust one's diet accordingly. Like, TQP points out, there are lots of things worth avoiding for a variety of reasons (high fructorse corn syrup, gums, gluten, various chemical additives, etc), but most people don't really think about processed foods.

          For a lot of folks, if it's been made, then it must be ok because of the USDA/FDA. This is quite literally the response I get from people when I say that i don't drink sodas or eat processed foods.

          I will mention, though, that I don't bring it up to others. They eat whatever they want and give their kids whatever they want. That's their business. My business is to mind my business. but if someone asks me about my business, then I'll tell them. If my telling them why I don't do something when they asked why I don't do something upsets them, then that's on them.

          And yes, sometimes it upsets them. But that's life.


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            People think that because they're not buying sugar in sacks and eating it out of spoons that they aren't getting much at all.


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              I just want people to learn how to properly use paragraphs when they're necessary! Dammit, is that so much to ask?!?
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                hehehe, drumroll.


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                  Now that I don't look pre-obese, my mother always scolds me for letting myself starve


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                    I too don't think it's a good idea to give Nutella to a baby.

                    With that said, earlier today I found an almost empty jar of that stuff in the back of a kitchen cabinet, less than a month post expiration date. It had a nasty rancid smell, as a matter of fact it reeked. I'm sure it wasn't the sugar that caused it.

                    So, here's my rant.

                    P.S. ITA, healthy nutrition is one very subjective concept.


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                      I hear what you're saying... My dad just doesn't know how to read labels. Most of the time he just doesn't, going by what's on the front of the package. Yeah, that 'pure pork' has breadcrumbs in it. Stop trying to poison me. Sometimes, he does try to read the labels but misses something very important... "This barbecue rub must be good, it only has 1 gram of sugar!" Me: *highly suspicious* *takes jar* "Did you notice the serving size is 2 grams?" Him: "Oh. Nevermind." Yeah. This happens a lot. XD

                      @TQP I hear ya. That's why I like the new Personal Paleo Code book... high carbs do work for some people. I doubt they would ever work well for me, but after years of PCOS... yeah. VLC doesn't work for me either though. Before long I'm DYING for an orange. That just can't be healthy.
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                        I'm ridiculously sick of people assuming that because I am not eating the foods that they absolutely INSIST on preparing for everyone (total SAD faire) that I am being 'disrespectful' or unappreciative of their efforts... I'm doubly sick of them using that asinine assumption to further prop up their other ludicrous 'evidence of my disrespectful attitude towards them' in other areas and creating a hatefest of biblical proportions when all I want is for them to leave me be!

                        I respect other people's dietary choices (granola every day with lowfat yogurt, ice cream, etc) and remain silent about them but then they ban bacon from 'their' household and expect that to be cool? No pork? Bullshit.

                        Well damn, that rant was quite a bit larger than I had anticipated... So much on my plate right now, and so little of it to my liking.
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                          My daughter is nursing beyond 2 years old and everyone says she's being deprived of nutrition because she never had formula. How about that she hardly ever gets sick??

                          And because she's deprived, everyone loves to feed her donuts, cookies, cake, etc. Now my daughter is always asking for donuts and cookies. Greeeatt.


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                            Two rants:
                            1. That we equate health with weight loss - a diet is "healthier" bc I lost 2 exra pounts in a four week period (even though we pay no attention to what goes on with your hormonal profile, neurotransmitters, liver size, etc. during that time).

                            2. This is a forum rant - YOU CANNOT LOOSE WEIGHT PEOPLE! You LOSE weight...good lord I've never been so upset in the failings of literally has become my number one pet peeve. I mean good lord it makes me want to put my fist through the screen.


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                              Originally posted by girlhk View Post
                              My daughter is nursing beyond 2 years old and everyone says she's being deprived of nutrition because she never had formula. How about that she hardly ever gets sick??
                              My 2 month old nephew is now eating nothing but formula, soy based formula, and he is ALWAYS sick! Constantly spitting up and sneezing and coughing. My SIL repeatedly says, "This formula smells disgusting! I can't believe he actually eats this stuff!" I feel so bad for him. Last weekend she was looking for ways to make her breast milk dry up.