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welcome to my pity party(had my first real cheat)

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  • welcome to my pity party(had my first real cheat)

    So I've been fairly good for the past two weeks, or has it been 3? Anyway, for the past 2 weeks I've been dealing with a cough and was just diagnosed with a bronchial infection today. Its so frustrating, so I went an bought a box of chocolates. Ok it was a small box with only 9 pieces but still. Its more sugar than I have had in almost 3 weeks. I also got a small container of almonds. Oddly, or not so oddly...the almonds have appealed to me more than the chocolates.
    I'm not giving up on primal, but having to sit and wait until I'm better to exercise? Arggghhhhhh.....I want to go do tabata sprints, its a beautiful day to go for a long walk, I need to catch up on my 100 push-up program(I start week 3!) and I can't because it all makes me cough. Coughing hurts on so many levels right now. I cough, my chest and throat hurts. I cough too long, my head starts to hurt and start blacking out.

    So I bought some chocolates to round out my pity party. Now I'm thinking I should have just bought balloons and streamers instead lol
    Calm the f**k down.

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    It happens.

    Maybe in the future you can treat yourself to some Burt's Bees products. Or yummy organic bing cherries. I celebrated completing my taxes by getting some Burt's Bees cuticle cream. The old me would've had ice cream.)

    When I'm injured or ill and can't exercise, I enjoy reading health/fitness related magazines (Experience Life is my favorite, although they are very CW when it comes to food). I also enjoy looking at sports wear catalogs, watching fitness DVDs, reading archives on Mark's Daily Apple, or researching recipes. Studying my tai chi notes. I stay very motivated doing all these things (and I still do them even when I can exercise). Try thinking up new things to do (body, mind, spirit), and new ways to play.


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      Don't worry too much about the chocolates... just part of the 20 in the 80/20 (and you've been doing a fab job on your journey, so you've likely got extra 20 stored up from the past few weeks). And, maybe some of the sugar craving was physical? I know when I'm getting (or am) sick, I want fruit, juice, or dairy.

      Hope you're feeling better soon, Metismomma. Being sick sucks. Don't push yourself too hard and do give yourself time to heal.


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        I understand where you're coming from - when I'm sick I want food for comfort vs fuel. I was sick a week ago and out of self-pity and a need for comfort from food, I bought chicken noodle soup on the way home. I really wished I had just bought a roasted chicken and stewed the meat in some broth with some squash or something. The noodles were not at all as good as I remember noodles being - in fact they were pretty mushy and unsatisfying, and the whole thing was waaay too salty. It didn't make me feel better on any level.

        Re: exercise. The way you're describing your cough makes it tough to recommend cardio. However some flexibility work will keep you in the workout mindset and it'll gently get the blood flowing to flush some of the toxins.

        So don't beat yourself too hard, but learn from it. There were some good observations in your post. Just realize you will get sick again, you will want some comfort food, and have a plan for how you'll 'treat' yourself in a manner that is satisfying to your spirit and body. Because given your reaction this was not that type of experience for you.

        Get well soon!


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          *hugs* feel better hon!

          I crave chocolate and comfort food (butter toast) when I'm sick too. Now I try to go for lovely broths, fruit smoothies (definitely a treat) etc. I think the idea of beauty product treats or other pampering things is a great idea!!!
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          -John Lennon


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            oh you poor thing. being sick is absolutely no fun at all, I feel for you.

            Enjoy the chocolates I say. So its a cheat, but for the moment they might make you feel better. Ok maybe later you'll feel bad about it, but truly, life is just to short to worry about a small cheat. My thing when i am sick is I want lemonade, something to do with my mum always giving me lemonade when I was sick as a child (which was often as I had terrible asthma). If I was to get sick tomorrow, you betcha that's what I'd be looking for and having. (however now I'd have other healthy stuff with it!)