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  • Mark on most influential health people list

    Just saw this and thought I'd share. There's actually 3 Paleo-greats on the list!

    The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness | Greatist

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    Michelle Obama is #1 with her "let's just move around a lot" idea. [double face palm]


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      dr. oz is listed at number one. my understanding is he shills a different snake oil every week.
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        SkinnyGirl (Betheny Frankel) is on there also. I actually have a lot of respect for anyone who can come from a crap life and turn herself into a mini-industry, but she sure doesn't influence my attitudes about health and fitness.

        Poor Dr. Oz - once a respected heart surgeon, now a network clown. But hey, the money is good, and that's all that matters.

        They can all probably be picked apart for something.
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          I think Dr. Oz's image is used by snake oil producers without his permission. He's not necessarily an advocate of the Paleo lifestyle, but I wouldn't say he promotes snake oil. Didn't he once say that he's never endorsed a specific product, but that his photo pops up illegally all the time? Don't know where the truth lies, but he is undoubtedly a 'mover and shaker' in the health sphere.


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            Dr Oz is more about entertainment and pushing his own agenda than actually educating people. Just look at how he treated Gary Taubes.


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              Yeah, I've lost all respect for Dr. Oz. He used to be worth listening to, but now he shills every new "weight loss supplement" even if there is evidence it doesn't work or even evidence it's dangerous. A lot of people trust him, and I think he's got a responsibility to them because of that trust, but apparently he doesn't think so.
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                Originally posted by noodletoy View Post

                dr. oz is listed at number one.
                What the heck!? Did they read my post and decide to switch the order? Swear to god when I visited yesterday Mrs Obama was #1.

                Oh they also moved Arnold up, he used to be down around 10. And they moved Taubes up, he used to be 85. I have a very good memory with these things.
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                  Fancy yourself a modern-day caveman? Then head over to Sisson’s site, Mark’s Daily Apple, which has become a mecca for those interested in the Paleo lifestyle. There, Sisson espouses a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to health and fitness. With a super-active discussion forum, daily blog posts, workouts, and plenty of resources for “going primal,” Sisson’s site is the biggest Paleo resource on the web right now. His company, Primal Blueprint, offers coaching, nutritional supplements, nutritional counseling, and educational materials. This year, the prolific writer released his seventh book, "The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness."
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