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    Okay so I'v been pretty successful on PB so I'll try to come up with some ideas. First of all, I'm wondering about that almond milk. Is there sugar in it? I used to drink Almond milk and it was high in carbs.

    Have you tried fasting? My DH has an eating window from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. He skips breakfast. I struggle with the fasting but I know that when I do fast I lose weight quickly. He's well on his way to uber ripped-ness! LOL

    Lastly you have to keep an eye on your caloric intake. In the beginning I thought I could just eat eat eat as long as it was primal, but you still have to keep an eye on your calories. Also watch out when eating nuts. Try to stick to an ounce at a time.

    Now if I could take my own advice I'd break that last 10 lbs!!!!


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      Thanks mikesic, I hope you start moving in the direction you want to go, I guess maybe there is an adjustment period? Of course it is different for everyone...Maybe we need a Patients is a Virtue group....


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        I know that Mark talks about 80% being OK, but if you're expecting weight loss, you need to know that low carb eating is very unforgiving of any 'cheats' or lapses with carbs. You weight will not only immediately spike up, but it will take a while to come down again. So anyone who has 'lapses' on a weekly basis will see little movement on the scale.

        It will help to fast the day after any carby eating.


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          The almond milk is unsweetened, the plain variety, but does have cane juice in it ( I know, that's probably sugar) but I am very strict on the no grains thing, carbs aren't too bad but if I need to cut, I can cut there.

          Haven't tried fasting on purpose yet, I am interested in trying though, I hear results follow. I should look into it and work out a plan. I need to also remove honey from my Greek yogurt and just have it plain.

          I am careful about nuts but I bet I slip in a handful throughout the day without realizing it, so Hello Food Journal. I am making sure my primal meals are portion controlled, so I think calories are in check but again, a food journal will show me the facts, so I should get on that.

          Good Points Melanie, thank you.


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            Are you tracking carb intake? Must be under 50 for decent weight loss.


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              Muscle gain at some points can out pace fat loss especially in people who used to be sedintary. I say skip the scale and do measurments, and look in the mirror. I also see people doing too much core work some times trying to target fat loss....This will not work, and your waist may grow because of the muscle you are putting on under the fat.

              The PB is not a short term summer tone up program its a lifestyle change that will take time, and provide lasting results if you can stick with it..

              Enjoy the early muscle gains, cause when you've been training for years gaining muscle slows way down!!


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                Thats true, people tell me, sadly and in an unsupportive way, that one little meal cant hurt but I guess that is like saying adding a little water to your car engine oil cant hurt. This is about making a change to my body's systems and keeping a regulation, so "slip ups" are a big deal, and I think I knew that all along, even if I didn't follow it. Any suggestions or strategies for eating out in the non Primal world but staying primal, or a link to a posting if this isnt the right place? At home I am fine and totally primal, and even in some restaurants but when the only options are fast food, I guess I need to fast or opt to make a meal at home.


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                  Not tracking anything food related yet, just being sensible, but a food journal is in the works now.


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                    I have noticed muscle growth, Legs and Arms, some chest and back, I am not doing any core work besides maybe a set or two of crunches per week, because of what you pointed out, I don't want to build lots of muscle under fat in my midsection. I know spot reducing doesn't exist and I am not looking to get huge, just lean and defined, but not bulging by any means.

                    I have resolved that this is a lifetime commitment not just a "program" so I am confident in that respect, begrudgingly so sometimes but its getting more natural for me to follow this so I know I can commit.

                    Thanks Brad


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                      There is a web site called Fitday that has a calorie counter you punch in what you eat and it reports your calories, and nutritional values. I plug in an avarage day once in a while just as a reality check as to your real calories.

                      Stick with it, cause everything is more fun when your fit!!


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                        stomach discomfort

                        i'm in my 3rd week of pb, lost 4 pounds the first week. 3 pounds the second week. haven't lost any weight this week but am having stomach discomfort and bloating for the last 3 or 4 days. been very strict eating only pb foods. haven't eaten anything different.


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                          If you started mid-April is that really six weeks? More like 5. At 1-2 pounds a week sounds like you are getting pretty good maximum fat loss with some cheating thrown in. Seems to me like you are doing great.


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                            If anything, it sounds like you are underestimating your sugar intake. Things like "cane juice" and honey may seem more natural than white granules out of a sugar bowl, but it's pretty much the same stuff.

                            Plug your numbers into Fitday and let us know what you find out!


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                              First of all, I noticed after I posted that you lost 9 lbs in the space of a month and that is AMAZING!!! Obviously you are doing something right! WOOT!

                              Yeah I think cane juice is def sugar and is driving your carbs up.

                              I need a food journal too! I've been saying that for a year!


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                                Originally posted by tasteslikeburning View Post
                                ...Or am I just being Impatient( I am sure it is the latter)?
                                few things to consider:
                                sleep apnea? it's very hard to loose weight without treating it first.
                                vitamin D deficency? pandemic in developed countries....test via LabCorp or ZRT and treat accordingly
                                track cals for a few days: some simply *can* overeat - even on primal....I can. my personal preference is

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