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Small red flecks?

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  • Small red flecks?

    So I have had these small red flecks on my skin that have never really bothered me until now. Lately it seems I'm getting more and more of them. It looks like a small need pricked my skin and it just stays red. I've had these on my hands for years now but I'm starting to get them on my chest and had one on my by my lip. I'm on the Paleo Autoimmune Diet and have been on it for about a week and a half. I reintroduced some nuts the other day. I didn't think of a correlation between the two but I'm not sure. I suffer from mild acne that has gone away quite well but still have some redness in cheeks...have also been drinking bone broth. (P.s. Does anyone have a good method of removing minor scars?) I am also 16. Thanks in advance

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    image.jpg here is a picture also. Spots a little more red than what it appears in picture


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      I can't see the attachment, but when I was a teen I had a few red dots appear, one on my nose, which was supposedly a blood vessel that came too close to surface or something like that. I went to a cosmetic institute for electrode treatment a couple of times, but that did not do much (and hurt), and the dot disappeared in my late twenties or something like that.
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        They could be what's called petechia (pah-tea-key-a). I've had a few in the past. Sometimes for years, but some have dissappeared over time.
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          I went to a cosmetic institute for electrode treatment a couple of times