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if you didn't have to worry about money...

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  • if you didn't have to worry about money...

    How would you spend your time/days?

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    Traveling the world and playing golf.


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      Buying a piece of property and building an organic farm/retreat.
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        First I'd go back to school and get a PhD. Then I'd buy five or six apartments in various parts of the world and travel a few months out of the year. I'd get more involved in charity work. I would help the economy by buying lots of jewelry and art work (and of course employing people to look after my various homes). I'd hire a personal chef and have her/him teach me how to cook really well. If I had enough money, I might even buy myself a politician or a judge. I'd hire a driver so that I never had to drive again. I'd establish scholarships in math and the sciences. I'd buy up as many properties as I could and try to set them all up as wildlife refuges (I don't have the faintest idea how one goes about doing that one, so I might be talking out of my ass on that one).

        But if you didn't mean rich, I'd probably do pretty much what I do now. Screw around, live modestly, and work for wages as little as possible.
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          Same as now...
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            Take the job at free clinic I've been offered.


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              Travel the world painting and drawing scenery all of the different cultures and exotic animals I meet. And take my family with me if they want to.


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                if you didn't have to worry about money...

                Learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn

                But I always "worry about money" because even if I had billions, I would worry about which alternative energy research I would fund, etc.
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                  I would become an artist full-time and paint all day long.


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                    Buy a farm and raise animals and have a huge garden.
                    Live in a place and a way that is self sustaining even without electricity.
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                      I would write all day. I enjoy it and I'm pretty good but not good enough to make any money doing it.
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                        Live like I do now, just without worrying about money! ;-)


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                          First thing, I'd take as much time as I needed to see every place in the world mister and I want to see, getting around by motorcycle, shipping the bikes across oceans as needed
                          I'd find ways to give back to my city; spending time helping in community gardens in the summer, mentoring youth. I'd make as much time for family and friends as I could.
                          Mister would want to travel and see North America (especially northern Canada) from the skies; we'd bomb around in his small airplane, recording adventures on a GoPro as we went then try to sell the footage to a travel/adventure network.
                          I'd bake. Well, first I'd really learn to bake, in Europe. Primal or not, I love it and I'd love to do it all the time but I'm not ready to give up the security of a regular paycheque, guaranteed job and someday pension.


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                            Aquascaping, size epic of course! I would open an aquarium attraction in my city. People from larger countries with more people and bigger cities are always amazed we can actually eat the fish in our rivers and not face health risks for it, so they made climate awareness a tourist attraction... I bet I can make it into something like that. AND make one hell of a dreamscape to really get peoples imaginations going...


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                              travel a lot… Volunteer at the animal ambulance, and after all the traveling I'd buy a small farm somewhere nice and home grow all my food and enjoy the peace and quiet.
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