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I'm 50, with zero kids, should I hang a stocking from the mantel?

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    Instead of giving them a gift next year maybe do up a mock gift voucher to take them out some place you'd like to show them/go to create memories.
    Or ask for this when they ask what you'd like 😊

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      Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
      Ohhh, it's for your folks. I missed that (sorry, I only skimmed a lot of the thread). Hindsight is 20:20, but I'll share. Indulge your folks. You're 50, so your folks are in their 70s or 80s? Let them have their fun. Old parents/grandparents and old pets - my vote is to indulge them for the last leg of their journey on Earth. Giving feels good. Giving to the ones we love feels even better. Let them feel good.

      Just my and YMMV.
      Originally posted by PBNewby View Post
      I didn't mention my parents, sorry. We've been giving them gifts the whole time. They seemed to stop, but we never stopped. This year they apparently decided to give us a gift, but, as a result of my small-ish tantrum about the stocking, the whole holiday went south for me (in more ways than one). I am struggling with why it is that I don't feel like giving gifts to my family anymore. Something about giving gifts in general falls flat for me. I truly enjoy spending the holidays with my wife's family, and we no longer exchange gifts with them. So, I guess I realize that having a good holiday is not tied at all to the gifts (since I enjoy the in-law holiday times at least as much, even though there's no gift exchanging involved).

      You are correct I should indulge my parents, and I have no issue with that.

      My family stopped gift giving 20 years ago..... I am 53 years old. Gathering is plenty satisfying for us. My hubby's family stopped gift giving, and a few years later stopped the tradition of filling the stockings about 8 years ago when some of the younger generation where having financial difficulties and it was more of a burden than a joy to spend the money and/or receive the gifts. It is extremely freeing to let go of the commerciality of the Christmas gatherings. Now - we all gather for the simple joy of being together No monetary burden for the gift giver......... and no false sense of joy on the part of the receiver! its a WIN-WIN! And everyone finishes the holidays without dreading the coming of the credit card bill!
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        Thank you Tomi !!
        Those are my sentiments exactly.
        But I am in the minority when it comes to my family.
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