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Statins effect on the brain

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  • Statins effect on the brain

    Graphic I found at Dr. Cate's site:


    Doesn't that look fun. Trust your doctor, and the government "health" advice, won't you? Yikes!

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    For more on statin side effects than you could ever imagine, visit Healthy Diets and Science.


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      @Lewis & Katherine

      Great information ! Thank you both so much for sharing !

      The Biggest Myth in Medical History
      Everything we were told about Cholesterol is a BIG LIE.
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        It's not really clear yet if statins have any discernible effects on cognition. This review of multiple trials didn't detect any evidence of such.

        And that picture of the two brains on the dr. cate site is a little disingenuous - it's not a before and after statin pic, though that's the insinuation. This is one of the problems with the statin issue - it's become such a hot button topic that it's hard now to get unbiased information from anywhere.

        I'm certainly not a huge statin fan, primarily because I think they're unequivocally overprescribed. That said, it's pretty clear that certain populations benefit from them -- as a physician, it's quite important that I know who those populations are. The propaganda from both sides only muddles the issue further.

        I will say that as a neurologist who has seen a few thousand folks for cognitive decline that I've never seen anything significant one way or the other with statins (and there are many drugs with cognitive side effects that are quite easy to discern clinically).
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          Good hearing that from a neuro! I'm in total agreement and that I think there are those that benefit from statins where everything else has been tried naturally but doesn't work.


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            My mom had been on statins for years. She had peripheral neuropathy and was starting to lose it a bit mentally.

            For instance, I visit my mom, so I know where her house is, but I forget her address because I don't send her things in the mail. Once I get started with it, I remember. She was really worried about me because I could remember the street address but not the zip code. She seemed to think the zip code was somehow easier to remember than a really simple street address. So she told me she was concerned, and that maybe it was the pain pills I was taking. Except that we had just had a long discussion a couple of days before about how I absolutely hate the idea of pain pills (for me - YMMV) and wouldn't take the ones the doctor had offered at my last visit. We seriously discussed how I refused the pain pills for maybe 10 minutes solid just a couple of days prior.

            She also got the idea somehow that I had borrowed $5,000 to buy a car when it was only $500. It was a cheap car, and $5,000 would have bought it outright, so I know she wasn't remembering correctly.

            She eventually ended up with REALLY bad ulcers that her doctor could seem to diagnose, even though she had this exact same issue three years prior. She ended up getting a new doctor who got rid of the h. pylori and took her off statins. Now her neuropathy is gone and her thinking is markedly improved. She's 78, and when I talk to her she sounds like she's sharp as a whip.

            So... yeah, I'm very cautious about statins. I know they help some people, but they're generally older men who have a history of heart attacks. They haven't shown to be any good in women. Yes, they lower their cholesterol, but they don't prevent actual death, which I seem to recall was the whole point.


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              Originally posted by RitaRose View Post
              My mom had been on statins for years. She had peripheral neuropathy and was starting to lose it a bit mentally.
              My dad is 75 and has been on low dose statins for as long as I can remember. He was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy last year and I convinced him the statins may be responsible. He went off them for about 6 months. When he had no improvement in the neuropathy, his Dr. convinced him he "needed" to be on them. His total cholesterol is 166. His Dr. is ecstatic. He's clearly not as sharp as he was 10 years ago. Statin talk just breaks my heart. How many middle-aged and elderly people are we sacrificing to CVD panic?

              That being said, I'm disappointed in Dr. Cate. In one of the comments to her blog, she says something about sugar being sticky and she just knew that was bad. WTF! Saturated fats are solid at room temperature, so of course they clog your arteries! Can we please have a few more nutritional warriors with advanced degrees who care about not sounding like idiots?
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                I was on a high dose (80mg) of zocor of 5 years, until I found PB and took myself off of them. I've been off of them for 2 years and 3 months now, I'm hoping to reverse the damage they've surely done. My Dr. still insists on me taking statins again, but that's just not gonna happen. My overall cholesterol is usually around 225 ish without the statins.