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The Beginning: Why do I gain weight?

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  • The Beginning: Why do I gain weight?

    Hey guys, a hearty hello from Vienna, Austria

    I started eating Primal last week (again .. ). I just feel better eating that way, more active, and so on, you know the deal if you are in for 3 weeks or more, it's amazing (I wish I would be able to stick to it for once)

    My "problem": I tracked my nutrition intake with an App to have control over my carbohydrate intake. Everyday was about:

    60-100g protein
    70-120g fat
    50-100g carbohydrates

    I also watched my liquid intake, I set a daily goal of 2,5l .

    I also tried to reduce dairy to a minimum of a shot of heavy cream in my espresso (max one per day), and maybe some sheep cheese in an omelette (not every day).

    My starting point:

    age: 28
    1,62 m
    67,2 kg (which felt like much, because 2 weeks before I only had 65,4)

    .. after the first week I had 68,4 ..

    I know that weight can vary from week to week, also because of the liquid intake and so on, but I was a bit disappointed that I gained weight. Not losing any in the first weeks I would be ok with, but gaining .. I am suspicious.
    Last time I tried going primal I also gained 3 kg in the first 2 weeks, so I wasn't really motivated to go on.

    I will try to stick to it this time, because I just feel much better eating primal, but I just don't know what I could do to get positive (or on the scale negative) results, because I hate that I can do some bad ass workouts and still look like the chubby little girl from next door

    Maybe you have some advice for me to begin with, I will try to post a food log, so maybe you see what I do wrong.

    Thank you guys for reading,

    Cheers, su

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    A few thinks can be the cause of the gaining.

    - Your fluid intake, is a bit much. 2 liters for a healthy person is enough, when you exercise you need more. (I have been surviving on 1-1,5 liters a day for years) Also make sure that 90% is water. no soda's and not too much coffee or tea
    - Fluid retention, my doctor always said, you don't gain 2 pounds of fat overnight, but you can gain 4 pounds of fluids overnight. Take note of your sodium intake and your general electrolyte intake. Make sure that you are keeping sodium low. (for a healthy person it should be below the 6-8 grams a day, depending on how you feel with the lower salt. I am eating below the 2 grams for 10 years already and have minimum fluid retention.)
    - Increase in muscle. I found out when starting primal last september that due to the increase in protein in my diet my muscles grew a bit, even without exercising. Like my body was healing them or regenerating them thanks to a more suitable amount of protein.
    - your body is rebalancing, I only now just dropped 2 pounds since September. When I started PB, I gained a few pound, lost them again, gained them again, lost them again. I fluctuated between 77 kilo and 79 kilo. Now only after 4 months I'm at the 76 kilo... I realized that after years of eating junk and candy my body needed to fix all bad things first before it could focus on loosing weight and burning fat. It needed the healthy stuff to get everything in order first. I called it my re-balancing period.

    I would advise you to be patient, it will take a while to loose weight. (I can't believe I'm saying this, I was just as impatient a month ago)... but as long as you keep the carbs between the 50-100 grams and don't eat too much calories you'll get there.

    Pay attention to your calories, a lazy couch potato eating 300-calories even while keeping the carbs low will gain weight.

    To speed up the weightloss, start introducing sprinting once a week. I found that it really worked.
    My story, My thought....

    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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      Also in addition I should add - DO NOT EAT ANYTHING made from wheat & grains. See the revelations from Dr. Davis in his book, Wheat belly.

      Weightloss photos
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      Much more here on joint pain & mental disorders caused by wheat:



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        100g protein = 400 calories
        120g fat = 1080 calories
        100g carb = 400 calories
        Total = 1880

        That's not a lot.

        You may need to get more exercise so that you can eat enough calories for proper health. The primal blueprint isn't just a diet, it's also an exercise program. All the carb restriction in the world won't work a miracle (unless you are truly obese, which you are not) unless you also get some exercise.
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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          Su, what are you eating? Complex foods high in fats are notoriously hard to quantify calorically (i.e. a slice of bacon). Unless you weigh everything on a scale, it's also hard to quantify butter, nuts etc. It might be less of a problem for a Europenian, since weights not volumes are more normal in cooking.

          The ranges you gave are very diverse, are you always trending towards the higher intakes? If so, the calories that Sbhikes estimated are going be quite high for a lot of women of your height and weight, and I doubt any woman of this height can manage to pull it off unless she is very athletic (think 2+ hours of professional training). 30-ies is a hard decade for the womanhood, when either movement has to go through the roof (long and steady + good exertion), or the portions has to come way down
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            That's not a lot of weight to fluctuate. I can fluctuate that in a day depending on when I weigh myself.
            -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz


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              i can blip up 4-5 pounds overnight, especially if i eat out. but if you tend to gain weight when you start back up with pb, it could be a food intolerance? it also could be you're eating more food than you need. are you active? your food ranges are all over the place too. shoot for some consistency and see how you do.
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                Hey Marielle,

                Thank you for giving me some advice about my problems so quickly, I was really happy to read so soon from somebody out there ;D

                I think my fluid intake should be fine, as I work out almost every day now (20-40 min bodyweight workout with a bit help from my sandbag ) and work as a waitress and study for at least 2 hours a day. I think my brain would start to catch fire if I go under 2 liters a day .. and it is mostly water, 2 cups of herbal organic tea (no black teas, spice, fruit, etc.) and I don't "do" soda, because I don't like it because it does funny things to my belly, and not in a good way

                muscle, yeah, maybe, I mean, I work out and eat more protein than before, and I know, with a good nutrition and workout I gain muscle very quickly, but I don't think I am that fast ... but what do I know

                rebalancing .. yes, definitely a good point, you are maybe right about that one, I just hope I can see something until christmas so its easier for me to not eat bad thingies because I am even more motivated then

                sprinting: thanks for the reminder, i almost forgot about that

                thanks. cheers su


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                  Hey Grizz,

                  thank you too for answering so quickly to my questions ..

                  yeah, wheat and grains are bad .. and they make me feel bad, so I tried to cut them out a while ago and am now 100% off for 2 weeks

                  Thank you so much for all the great links

                  I guess you know the movie "Fat Head" .. if not, maybe have a look .. it's informative, a bit sarcastic and quite entertaining

                  cheers, su


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                    and a hello to sbhikes

                    yeah, I think so too, I don't think it's too much, I try to get at least to 1500, because my first intention is to feel better and really change my nutrition, not hunger me down in a primal way, especially because I need to do nutrition and workout at the same time, otherwise I loose track in about 1 week or so

                    and I gotta say, I love working out, always been a kinda sporty person (hiking, rock climbing, swimming, workout, boxing..) but I never was able to actually look as badass I can be sometimes when the music is right and the endorphins are kicking in ;D

                    I try to have a mixed bodyweight workout almost every day (smart rest days) and do yoga here and there, to keep those muscles lean , because I tend to gain muscle quickly, and as much as I wanna look like an athlete, it doesn't have to be the "russian weightlifter" kind

                    btw: very impressed by your weightloss, good job


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                      hello Leida,

                      puh, what am I eating?

                      my breakfast most of the time: 2-3 eggs, some veggies (zucchini, shrooms, bellpepper, carrots.. either raw or in an omelette, bacon or ham cooked in coconut oil or butter, and a cup of tea

                      snack: espresso with heavy cream (2-4cl.. i guess ) and some nuts

                      lunch: salad with meat, or just some smoked trout with some raw veggies, or cooked veggies with meat or tofu (i gotta quit that now anyhow, because (i didn't know) tofu is a histamine-food and I am not allowed to eat that, because I am histamine intolerant), cooked/grilled meat ... and so on

                      sweet lunch (instead of other lunch ) (sometimes as breakfast): an apple, sometimes after workout half a banana also (natural magnesium) or a mandarin orange, some flax seeds, half a handfull of cashews and all that mixed into about 100g of 10% greek yoghurt

                      dinner: same as lunch, but no fruits or other "sweet" stuff, and more on the protein side, because I often workout between lunch and dinner, and having the proteins on my side, and some good antioxidants from green and other veggies, I keep my "muscle-soring-point" to a minimum (at least I tried and it really works)

                      late snack: if I had a day of work and could only eat 2 times (breakfast at 8 and then lunch/dinner at about 5pm) and still workout I eat some cottage cheese with fresh herbs and a hint of pepper to feed my muscles

                      and yeah, I can feel the 30s coming .. but I saw so many amazing people here, who succeeded in any age, I hope I can achieve my goal even in this dark times of the frightening 3 ;D

                      I play about 2 hours of piano every day, as I am a music student, so I hope I am fine with the calorie intake .. and as I mentioned in a different reply, most of the time it is about 1500 or even a bit lower


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                        cheers ryanmercer,

                        yeah, you are probably right, I just got a bit nervous about the weightloss thing ... although I have to say, I am feeling so much better, much more awake and with more energy, just a week in, I hope I can stick to it for the final time and wait for my body to adjust to this "meant to be " nutrition for my primal body

                        and I always weigh myself in the morning before breakfast or tea


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                          and finally, dear noodletoy (funky name by the way )

                          I try to avoid eating out for now, but it will happen here and there, and you are absolutely right.

                          and thanks for reminding me that I should look more into my intolerance (histamine) .. I thought i had it down but man was I wrong. .. there were even more things I am not allowed to eat (like balsamico) which I had almost every day with my salad because I really like it ... and some other things too .. :/

                          of course, eating primal, I think, will heal some of my body issues, but one step at a time .. so cutting out all the things my body just can't process now is, i think, a really important step to make, even if I have to quit some things I really love since primal, like avocado (noooooo!) .. but maybe after some time I can try to eat some of it again, and, as i hope, if I am healthier then, can start having it once in a while without affecting my health, wellbeing or weight

                          and the ranges are not as bad most of the time, I just wanted to let you see my minimum and maximum I had the last week