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4yo son sick - advice?

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    Blood tests for celiac are unreliable in children, and more so when he has been off gluten for a while. It's worth getting him tested, but if it's negative, don't trust it. I agree on the exclusion of dairy and gluten, but this has to be total. A good primal diet with organ meats will ensure he's getting the nutrition he needs. Kids' guts heal quickly once the offending food items are removed.
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      Hmm, I'd love to know what percentage false negatives the test gives...

      He started eating wheat again and there was no effect on the diarrhea. But this weekend we let him have dairy back and there was a big downward turn. We'll keep the wheat until the doctors visit but be even more careful about dairy for now. I know his probiotics say they contain milk (though I can't find anything in the ingredients that looks milk-like to it just the lactobacillus etc? I need to look up what to be careful about with 'hidden dairy' in products. And start making bread for him.